Wednesday morning extra-sarcastic briefs

Countdown to MSM covering this discrimination in 3, 2, 1: An Israeli soldier was denied entry to a Tel Aviv club because he was wearing a kippa and refused to take it off. So, you think there will be worldwide coverage by the media of this discriminatory practice?

Ew, Jew cooties! Algerians are rounding up the evil made-in-Israel clothing that they’re finding mixed in with the presumably non-kosher clothing. But worry not, the Algerian inspectors are on the case:

A source told the newspaper “we cannot rule out the possibility that an international ring smuggled the Israeli clothes into the country and that its operatives are being assisted by Algerian vendors based in several districts.”

Gasp! No! An international Israeli clothes smuggling ring! It’s the end of civilization as we know it! Damn those horrible Israelis, wanting to clothe people for profit! Damn them all!

Nu? Two Jews won the World Talking Championship? Two Israeli men won the World Universities Debating Championship. Really, talkative Jews? I had no idea that my people talked so much. None whatsoever. Not at all. Jews? Talky? Oh, come on. Shirley you jest.

Our drone’s better than your drone: If Israel’s drone is so sucky, then howcome Turkey didn’t shoot it down, even though they said they almost shot it down (and I almost one $200 million in the lottery the other week, too). Really? They called up two F-16 jets and couldn’t find it and shoot it down? Ya think maybe they’re–I don’t know–lying? Yeah, me too. Their drone is so much better than Israel’s that it manages to identify fuel smugglers as terrorists and murder dozens of them. But don’t worry, they’re going to pay compensation to the families.

Don’t worry, CAIR (and the NY justice system) is still going to call these hate crimes: The guy who threw molotov cocktails at various Hindu and Islamic buildings in New York is a nutjob who swore he’d get even because the proprietor of the store stopped him from stealing, and the other places wouldn’t let him use their bathrooms. Yeah, that sounds like a Muslim-hating freak to me.

Two! Two! Two nutjobs for the price of one: So that scumbag that was lighting cars on fire in Los Angeles? He did it because his scumbag mother was about to be deported back to Germany for being a thief. He hates America, you see, for having the nerve not to want to keep a thief, who has 19 fraud counts against her in Germany, from becoming an American citizen. Well, now he’s going to spend many years as an American resident in jail before being kicked back to Germany. Like mother, like son.

Oh, there was a primary or something yesterday? Wake me when it’s over. Especially since I have no influence over any but the Virginia primaries.

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2 Responses to Wednesday morning extra-sarcastic briefs

  1. ger says:

    Don’t knock those Jewish debaters. They won despite not being allowed to use their hands while talking.

  2. Elie says:

    I’m surprised two Jews could participate in a formal debate. How would that work given that they have three opinions?

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