A new record for Meryl

I was checking out Reason’s blog and discovered that they were right.

A bunch of movies you probably haven’t seen get Golden Globe nominations from the preposterous “Hollywood Foreign Press Association.”

A quick trip down the list shows that I have seen exactly zero of the film nominations for any category, and of the TV series, uh, let’s see… one. Big Bang Theory.

Though I did mean to see Puss in Boots and Rango, and have The Descendants on my list of maybes.

I’m thinking that either I or the Foreign Press Association are out of touch these days. Meh, they’re a bunch of furriners. I blame them. And don’t tell me how great Game of Thrones is. I read three or four of the books and gave up utterly because I prefer to read books that have something uplifting, or at least, one where not everybody dies. Life is hard. I get it. Really. I don’t need to be told in several million words how hard it is.

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  1. See Hugo and take a child with you. The child will love the story and you will love the 3-D effects and Sasha Baron Cohen plays an honest part without being outrageous.

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