Your pre-Thanksgiving briefs

Wounded Iraq War vet wins Dancing With the Stars: J.R. Martinez, whom I know from All My Children, won the big prize on the show that I don’t watch (but Mom does, and I told her he would win). Next for him, since AMC was canceled: He wants to write a book to tell his story. You go, J.R.

A first look at German anti-Semitism: An English excerpt of a new book on why the Germans hated the Jews. Interesting stats on the ratio of Jews to Christians in schools, which, of course, caused problems for the great unwashed masses who thought that reading was bad for the eyes and they didn’t need none of that there learnin’ stuff. Say, sounds like what still goes on today: Envy of Jews performing well in the arts, sciences, and banking.

Seriously? They’re quoting that scumbag again? Someone needs to tell Ynet that Silverstein is an excecrable Jewish anti-Zionist and Jew-hater, and if he told me it was raining, I’d bring my sunglasses. Sure, he knows why the Hizballah bases blew up. Right.

No way this can go wrong: Israel kept its contract with Turkey and returned drones after performing maintenance on them. Oh. Wait. Maintenance. Okay, good name for it. Spyware added.

What? UN Human Rights bitching about something other than Israel? Check the air for flying pigs. Navi Pillay is criticizing Egypt for killing its citizens.

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5 Responses to Your pre-Thanksgiving briefs

  1. Soccerdad says:

    Hezbollah is kind of proud of that downed drone. And look who’s bursting their balloon: Silverstein. Maybe he’s really an Israeli mole who befriended the anti-Israel Left as a cover. Now that he’s earned their trust, he spreads Zionist propaganda in betrayal of that trust. I think we need to call him what he is: a Zionist shill! If we do it enough that should boost his popularity! :-)

  2. Cynic says:

    You did read that Iran denied that the Mossad/Israel was responsible?
    US, Israel not behind Iran blast: general

    A top Iranian general said Wednesday that, contrary to speculation, the US and Israel were not behind a weekend munitions base blast that killed 17 Revolutionary Guards including a key ballistics missile expert.

    “The recent blast has nothing to do with Israel or America,” General Hassan Firouzabadi, the chief of staff of Iran’s armed forces, was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

    Report: Iran blast caused by missile testing

  3. Soccerdad says:

    Cynic this is about an explosion in Hezbollah’s domain; not Iran.

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    A blast at a munitions dump and no one was injured? How fortunate for the Hezbullies, not to mention the Lebanese civilians who probably surround it.

    That story of the downed drone sounds ludirous to me. How would Aman have known that Hezbollah would bring it to a place that would be a suitable target? What if Hezbollah dismantled the craft before moving it? What if they found the bomb and defused it before moving the drone? Too many things could go wrong with such a plan. It sounds like a conspiracy theorist’s fantasy.

    There were some revealing pargraphs in the story on Ynet.
    “Lebanese security forces were unable to access the scene of the explosion after the Shiite group set up a security perimeter around the blast site, which is located in a valley called Wadi Al-Jabal al-Kabir between Siddiqin and Deir Ames, the source added.” Translation: Hezbollah is running Lebanon, and Iran is doing so through Hezbollah. But we already knew that.

    “The blast occurred in an area that is under UN control. According to UN Resolution 1701, which ended the Second Lebanon War, Hezbollah is forbidden from storing arms in this region. A UNIFIL team is expected to launch an investigation into the explosion.” UN control; riiiight. UNIFIL is going to investigate. Investigate what? That Hezbollah has been openly violating the cease fire conditions for five years? Heaven forbid.

    “UN peacekeepers stationed in southern Lebanon told The Daily Star that they heard about the explosion on the news. “We have no information at the moment. We are checking this report,” UNIFIL spokesman Andrea Tenenti was quoted as saying.” The guys who are supposed to keep an eye on what is going on in Southern Lebanon haven’t a clue. Situation normal.

    It would be nice to find that Israel intel sabotaged the arms dump, but I suspect some idiot lit up a cigarette in the wrong place at the wrong time. Or maybe some clown assembling a rocket payload inserted tab A into the wrong slot, and discovered just how spectacular fireworks can be.

  5. Cynic says:


    Well, it was with “that scumbag” ‘s declarations in mind that I presented the opposing view.
    YNET for publishing his nonsense twice is going to lose whatever credibility it had. Seems that they are desperate for attention so they present him as a news reporter.

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