Seriously? You’re fact-checking a COMEDY?


Much like the theme song from “Laverne and Shirley,” which declared, “Making our dreams come true for me and you,” “2 Broke Girls” features Max and Caroline brewing a dream of their own: a cupcake business. As the season has progressed, the two become dollars and cents closer to the enigmatic funding goal of $250,000, which Caroline reveals at the tail end of the pilot episode.

Exactly how she landed on that figure is somewhat of a mystery. The show’s writers explain it away with Caroline’s reveal that she went to business school. In the next scene, she admits she’s been secretly price-gouging Max’s red velvet cupcakes at $7 a pop.

This is the first fallacy in the show’s portrayal of the cupcake scene in New York City or anywhere else. No one is selling cupcakes for $7. The top shops in the city peddling the sweet confections are arguably Crumbs Bake Shop, which debuted on NASDAQ in June of last year, and Magnolia Bakery, made famous by its notorious endorsement in “Sex and the City.” Both are selling cupcakes between $3 and $4.50, depending on the amount of sugar they’re topped with. $7 is almost double that price.

2 Broke Girls is the funniest new show on TV. I love it. It’s a must-watch. But seriously? The author is fact-checking the business plan of a comedyshow? Really? Because you know, when the Fonz hit the soda machine and got free sodas, that was totally realistic.


It makes you wonder what other business-savvy nonsense Caroline is spewing. In a later episode, she pines, “I really need this cupcake business,” as if it’s the one thing that will propel her back into the cushy existence previously afforded by her father, who has since been busted a la Bernie Madoff. In reality, however, there’s probably a better way to invest $250,000 in a business paradigm that isn’t as mint as it was a few years ago.

No, it makes you laugh. Because that’s the point of a comedy–making you laugh. To do so, you deliberately exaggerate and obfuscate facts and reality.

Boy, someone needs a crash course on what constitutes a comedy, because the last time I checked, paying strict attention to the actual prices of cupcakes wasn’t on the list.

Say, Jaebi Iam? You need to take a chill pill, or something. Nobody cares if Caroline’s cupcake strategy is right or wrong. We just care if it’s funny.

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3 Responses to Seriously? You’re fact-checking a COMEDY?

  1. Jay Tea says:

    It’s also one of the raunchiest on TV. I can’t believe what they get away with at that hour of the night, along with HIMYM.

    Both of which I watch rabidly.


  2. Jay Tea says:

    And speaking of fact-checking and sitcoms… wasn’t Fonzie most renowned for hitting the jukebox for music?

    Oh, and once, I think, he hit next to the phone, and a girl called him…


  3. Yes, but I always liked the free sodas better.

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