Tuesday morning briefs

They’re selling out, man: Some enterprising entrepreneur is looking to trademark Occupy Wall Street. Ah, the delicious irony—he isn’t even really a part of the movement. Smart man.

Think Facebook will delete this page? A Saudi cleric is offering $100,000 to anyone who kidnaps an Israeli soldier. Why? Because a Jewish family is offering a reward for the capture of the Palestinian terrorist who murdered their relative. The morality of the Saudi cleric here is nonexistent. Because of course, trying to catch a murderer is just like trying to catch a soldier to trade for that murderer’s freedom. Bastard.

Gee, ya think they’ll need to? The IDF is revisiting the protocol that covers the kidnapping of Israeli soldiers. Here’s an idea: How about the death penalty for terrorism? Include both the ones that carry out the attacks and the ones that knowingly transport and aid them, and you’ll have far fewer Palestinians in prison.

These nations are not our friends: Russia and China are trying to stop the U.S. from revealing intelligence that proves the Iranians are trying to create nuclear weapons. If the intel goes public, the UN is going to be forced to act, right? (Stop laughing now. No, really, you can stop laughing.) Good to know that China and Russia are truly interested in world peace. Because that’s why they’re in the UN, right? Can we stop throwing our tax dollars into that black hole now?

But at least they’re not using Zionist tents: Turks are camping out in the cold because Turkey turned down help from other nations (especially Israel). They’re pleading for tents. Luck for them, private Israeli groups are bringing aid. Better than you, Erdogan. Every last member of that group is better than you.

The ransoming of another prisoner; the start of a new reality: Israel has set the standard, and now they’re getting back Ilan Grapel, who was jailed on bogus charges of spying for Egypt, for 25 Egyptians who were jailed on actual charges. None of them were for terrorism-related offenses, but still—Israel just put a big, bright sign on its back saying “SUCKER!” for prisoner exchanges. Watch for Israelis around the world to be kidnapped now.

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3 Responses to Tuesday morning briefs

  1. Soccerdad says:

    Given the political leanings of Israel’s High Court of Justice, I really doubt any terrorist would ever be executed, even if such a law were passed. I wish that were an option, but practically, I don’t imagine that it will ever happen.

  2. mrzee says:

    Ilan Grapel is also an American citizen. I’m sure Barack and Shrillary are putting lots pressure on the Egyptians to free him. That famous Cairo speech/a$$kissing should start to pay off any day now :-(

  3. Cynic says:

    By the way, going by what I believe is a CNN video can it be a
    Flying Pig Moment,
    as it aptly describes the animals the PA welcomed back as heroes?

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