Monday morning briefs

Yeah, I’d have given Iran a royal one-finger salute: The hikers are free, gave a press conference, and still managed to criticize the U.S. position on Iran. I’d give the hikers a one-finger salute as well, the ungrateful idiots. They barely criticized Iran in their prepared statements. You’d think serving 781 days on a made-up charge would influence their thinking a bit. But sometimes there’s just no cure for brainwashing.

Putting the lie to the demographic issue: Israel’s 2010/2011 census statistics are in. I don’t think they really need to worry about demographics.

According to the CBS, in the passing year Israel’s Jewish population grew by 1.7%, the Arab population by 2.5% and other sectors by 1.7%. The Muslim population rose by 2.7%, the Christian grew by 0.9% while the Druze population rose by 1.8%.

Of course, when most people raise the demographics issue, they talk about the West Bank and Gaza. Gaza is no longer occupied, and the statistics are based on Palestinian lies to begin with. People like Jimmy Carter take the lies at face value, but then, he hates Israel and no longer even attempts to hide it.

Speaking of anti-Semites: Did you hear the one where John Mearsheimer said, over and over again, that it wasn’t Jews he had a problem with, it was Zionists? Yeah, he’s a big, fat liar.

Peaceful, non-violent Palestinian resistance kills Israeli man and baby: People keep saying that the Palestinian “protests” are nonviolent. And yet, two Israelis died on Friday—the result of stones thrown at their vehicle. And it’s pretty certain that the Palestinians made sure they were dead.

Saudi ERA watch: Saudi women are going to be allowed to join the political process. But they still won’t be able to drive. Starting in 2015, they will be allowed to vote and run for office. And by “office” we mean “Shura Council”, the council that the kleptocrats in charge get to ignore, what with their being kings and princes and such. Everyone’s making a big deal of this. Yeah, I’ll believe it when I see it.

Barn door, horse: The Russian foreign minister says Iran should stop centrifuge production. Really? NOW you say that? Really? (cf: Russian participation in building the effing nuclear plants in the first place.)

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