Those were the good ol’ days

Saw Captain America this afternoon. Heroes, villains, totally easy to tell the two apart, no shades of grey.

Those were the good old days.

Best comment from fifteen-year-old Jake, while watching the war bonds song sequences: “Were the 1940s really this cheesy?” Aunt Meryl’s response: “Yep. Go watch a movie from that time period, you’ll see.”

That song was written by Alan Menken. Or Richard Sherman. Credits went by too fast, but both of them are good lyricists, and both have worked for Disney.

By the way, great flick. Go Cap!

Can’t wait for the Avengers movie next summer. It will be featuring my guy, the Hulk. Who will manage to beat the Avengers, I’m sure. Nobody defeats the Hulk!

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3 Responses to Those were the good ol’ days

  1. Eric J says:

    You know how it works. Just before he’s about to defeat the Avengers, either Iron Man will figure out a way to make him revert to Puny Banner, or Cap will get through to him and point out how he’s been manipulated by Loki, and the Hulk will help the Avengers defeat Loki.

  2. And yet, I will still go, and still be quite happy to be unsurprised at the predictable storyline. Because it’s the Hulk. And the Avengers. And Loki. And, well, comic book movie!

  3. Nope, looks like the Hulk is not going to be the villain.

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