Your July 25 software Facts of the Day

Because I know these things, and so many people do not:

The F5 key will refresh your browser page.

Control-y (holding down the control key while pressing the y) is a keyboard shortcut that you can use to repeat tasks that take multiple keystrokes. For example, let’s say you want to delete five rows in an Excel spreadsheet. The first time, you highlight the rows, go to the appropriate menu, choose “Delete rows”, press enter. The second time, you highlight the rows, type “control-y”, and it deletes the five rows. This can be used throughout many programs. I use it in Dreamweaver as well.

Right-click is your friend. Repeat after me: Right-click is your friend. Right-click anywhere, in any program, in different places, and watch what happens.

I could probably make a living teaching people things like this.

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