Retro blogging

Yeah, I’m totally going to ignore most of the news and post personal bloggy things.

For instance, I’m glad I didn’t really want to see a midnight showing of Harry Potter DH2. I’m tired enough to go to bed now; no way I’d be able to last for a two-and-a-half hour movie starting at 12.

I’ll be seeing it Sunday morning. Then it’s off to NorVA, as I have tickets to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center Sunday night. Then work on Monday. That’ll be a busy, but fun day.

So, when are you going to see Harry Potter?

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2 Responses to Retro blogging

  1. Soccerdad says:

    I’m hoping Sunday night.

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    We have a sixteen screen multiplex in a neighboring suburb that charges a buck and a half. I’ll go when it gets there.

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