What a difference a gun makes

I heard a loud noise from downstairs a little while ago. Both cats are upstairs, and it was a loud, metallic crash, so I thought it was something in the laundry room. That’s a small room off the kitchen and the only way you can get to it is through the kitchen. The only way to get to the kitchen is to be inside my condo. I thought something might have fallen off a shelf, but—you never know. So I went to my room and got my handgun from my nighttable and went downstairs to see.

You know, before I had guns, if I heard a noise like that, my adrenaline would be pumping and my heart would be thumping as I crept downstairs with a baseball bat in one hand and the phone in the other. I used to think it was the good kind of adrenaline, but now I’m thinking not so much, because I was calm, cool, and collected while I checked the great room, the guest bedroom, and finally, the laundry room.

What a difference a gun makes.

It was a travel coffee mug that had fallen off the shelf, onto the dryer (which was running), and into the laundry basket.

My condo is now safe from flying coffee mugs.

Nah, I didn’t shoot it. I put it back on the shelf where it belongs.

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11 Responses to What a difference a gun makes

  1. Stretch says:

    Ah, nothing like 5 rounds of .38spl to calm the nerves.
    Imagine how relaxing 9 rds. of .45 or 18 rds. of 9mm can be.

  2. COMETSTEEL says:

    8 rounds of 12GA double ought buckshot makes me sleep like a baby.

  3. BtheBeast says:

    Bravo to you, ma’am. A firearm it a wonderful form of self-defense. I carry my .45 and 2 spare mags everywhere. Many people say I’m paranoid, but I saw on the news today that just last night, a man was shot 4 times at the food mart literally next door to the dojo where I practice karate and jujitsu. Now I’m just waiting for TX to finish passing the college campus carry laws so my wife doesn’t have to be defenseless when she goes to teach.

    You’re bio says that you identify yourself as left/center, so I must applaud you even more for understanding that a firearm in trained hands is an excellent self-defense tool and not something of which to be afraid.

  4. fiftyville says:

    The sound of a pump-action shotgun soothes and calms. Doesn’t do much for the other fella, though, but it does prove the adage that the best way to lower your blood pressure is to raise it in somebody else.

  5. boneman1 says:

    there is definitely peace of mind when you know you can defend yourself
    it is the ultimate human right
    hope we keep it

  6. Jay Tea says:

    Sheesh, not even a warning shot?

    How’s that mug supposed to learn to NOT jump off shelves and disturb you?

    You’re getting mellow and wimpy, Meryl…


  7. @BtheBeast: I’m a recovering Second Amendmentist. :-) I used to think handguns were evil. I came to realize that they’re a wonderful defensive tool.

    I’m going to get a shotgun eventually, but I also need a gun safe when I buy that. I have kids over all the time. A LifeJacket works for a handgun, but not so much a shotgun.

  8. Sigivald says:

    Shotgun LifeJacket?

    It appears a LifeJacket works fine on a shotgun – if you get the shotgun one.

    (No affiliation with “copsplus” and you can probably get it elsewhere – just the first search hit that looked relevant, and was.)

    Also, things like these or this do the job, AND deter or prevent theft.)

  9. I didn’t know there’s a shotgun LifeJacket. But I still want a gun safe.

    My friend Sarah, who is also around my age, went shooting with me a few months back. We were declared ready for the Zombie Apocalypse. (Nice grouping, etc.)

    Time to go again.

  10. Dandapani says:

    “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal”

  11. Don says:

    Lowes has a very well reviewed safe for $397.

    I just got it a few weeks ago after going to long worrying about someone breaking in and stealing my guns. Been very happy with it so far.

    Nice to not have to unload and hide the guns away when company with kids is over. Pop then in the safe and spin the dial.
    New routine, guns in the safe on the way out the door then back out to the night table in the evenings when I get home.

    If you are interested look for the Centurion Liberty Safe 12 Cu. Ft. Black Gun Safe at Lowes.com. The price is for store pickup. It does weigh 250lbs. so make sure you can get it home and set up safely. They will deliver and set it up for an extra fee in need be.

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