The post-holiday news roundup

Yes, but you’re assuming Abbas wanted things to turn out differently: Elliott Abrams writes about the failure that is Mahmoud Abbas, but I think he wasn’t as much of a failure as Abrams says. He is going to get a UN General Assembly resolution declaring “Palestine” a state. The fact that it will be nonbinding is irrelevant. The “Zionism is racism” resolution was nonbinding, too. The real failure here is Barack Obama, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.

Don’t effing swear in Australia: Seriously? The Aussies have nothing better to do than craft laws forbidding swearing in public? Way to spend those public safety dollars, Australia!

Daniel Gordis schools J-Street: Read, and see a master at work. I would love to find a video of this speech just to hear the shocked reaction of the audience members at being schooled. I’m guessing they were mightily displeased. Also via Elder.

The army that learns: The Israeli Navy has been training for all kinds of scenarios for Gaza Flotilla II.

Throw the bastard in jail: Confiscate the man’s ships for the state, and throw him in jail for helping to supply Israel’s mortal enemy. An Israeli company selling Iran chemicals is a company that is working against the people and state of Israel. Even if he was just supplying fuel to Iran, it was working against Israel’s interests just as much as if he were spying for the enemy.

The dickless wonder (for real): Too funny. A Pakistani man tried to rape a woman who decided to deal with it in her own special way. He won’t be raping anyone, anywhere, ever again.

And a tech bleg: Does anyone else have Kaspersky and trouble getting to the JPost site? I had to put it in the trusted sites in order to be able to read the pages. This only just started a few days ago.

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  1. Herschel says:

    Regarding “Daniel Gordis schools J-Street” smack down, excellent read, and I also would love to see the video!
    I am amazed at the myopia of the left, the aim of Hamas and their ilk is clearly spelled out for all to see, yet these utopian idealists still believe that a permanent peace can be made with these Islamic fascists that allows Israel to exist. These are the same type of fools that read mein kamp in the thirties and thought hitler’s plans were only rhetoric, and “peace in our time” was possible, if we only were willing to negotiate.
    I am embarrassed that these Soros backed individuals represent themselves as Jews and provide ammunition for the haters of Israel!

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