The Gaza flotilla: It’s really about Israel

The new, improved Gaza Flotilla—which includes more anti-Israel fools than you can shake a lulav at—doesn’t care that the Rafah crossing is going to be opened. They’re going anyway.

“We shall set sail, we have many surprises in store,” IHH spokesman Ömer Faruk said. “If there really is no blockade then there shouldn’t be a problem with us going there. Everything will become clearer next month.”

And it looks like they’re planning on violence again.

The spokesman declared they will act peacefully, adding “we only hope the Israeli side acts the same.”

Earlier this week, IHH head Bulent Yildirim said, “Even if we sacrifice shahids (martyrs) for this cause, we will be on the side of justice.”

I’m guessing this time, they’re going to hide their actions from the “internationals” a little better, and confiscate cameras that catch them preparing to attack the IDF.

And here is where we get to the meat of the matter—why they keep insisting on breaking the blockade when there is no longer any kind of crisis in Gaza:

“It’s not just Gaza. It’s the West Bank and Jerusalem. Israel continues to hurt Palestinian rights illegally. This policy must change, and opening Rafah will not change the fact that Palestinian fishermen cannot fish more than five km away.”

Yes, it’s no longer about the faux humanitarian crisis. (That’s the one that never was.) It’s about trying to force Israel to allow Palestinians to freely enter Israel. Why? Because they want to. They’re enemies of Israel, and no nation on earth has open borders to a hostile neighbor, but that’s what these idiots think is right.

But the flotilla is still necessary, he claimed. “The opening of the crossing still depends on the Egyptians’ mood, they may decide to close it after two days. This also applies to Israel – sometimes it opens crossings, sometimes it closes them. We are acting on the belief that the Palestinians must have control over their own passageways and points of contact with the world. The blockade must end.”

As for violence, well…

Fyler admitted that radicals may try to cause provocations. “I call upon representatives of the UN and the EU to board the ships and check the passengers and cargo before and after the sail.”

The only thing that makes me feel less worried about this flotilla is that nobody learns faster and better than Israelis. They will not make the same mistakes as last time, while I would bet that the IHH Islamists are going to do pretty much the same, with the extra added attraction of probably having a weapons cache or three onboard.

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3 Responses to The Gaza flotilla: It’s really about Israel

  1. Eric J says:

    I would hope there’s going to be a drone or a helicopter filming them the entire time.

  2. mrzee says:

    ”opening Rafah will not change the fact that Palestinian fishermen cannot fish more than five km away.”

    Their sainted Yasser Nosir signed the Gaza-Jericho agreement which is the basis for that restriction. Maybe they should dig up his rotting carcass and discuss it with him.

    I hope their boat sinks beside a school of sharks

  3. “I hope their boat sinks beside a school of sharks”: Like.

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