The new narrative on Israel

The AP has gone overboard in its pro-Palestinian slant in this piece of drek.

Palestinian UN bid enters unknown territory
President Barack Obama threw down a gauntlet this weekend: no vote at the United Nations, he asserted, would ever create a Palestinian state.

The Palestinians hope to prove him wrong. But their planned bid for U.N. recognition this fall of a state in the West Bank, Gaza and east Jerusalem _ territories occupied by Israel since the 1967 Mideast war _ enters largely unknown legal ground, and the Palestinians are still trying to work out how best to work the U.N. labyrinth.

The author twists herself into knots to find ways the Palestinians could circumvent the Security Council—where President Obama has promised to veto a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood (at least, for now)—and establish a state without an agreement, or even negotiations, with Israel. And the AP is only too happy to show why the state should be granted unilaterally, by pretending that only Israel is at fault in the failure of negotiations:

Seeking U.N. recognition of a Palestinian state is an idea born out of frustration, after two decades of on-and-off Israeli-Palestinian talks produced few results. Abbas has said he prefers to establish a state through negotiations, and that he is being pushed into unilateral steps by Israel’s refusal to engage in talks on terms backed by the international community.

You see? It’s all Israel’s fault, for refusing to do what everyone is telling it to do. The Palestinians? Well, obviously, they’ve done their best.

Let’s see, two decades ago would be 1991, the Oslo agreements. Nope, no results since then. There are still Israeli towns in Gaza, the Palestinians aren’t controlling most of the West Bank, the IDF has thousands of checkpoints all over the territories—oh. Wait. No, none of that is true anymore. But it’s still all Israel’s fault, anyway.

And here’s where the AP states the new narrative:

Dropping the U.N. bid would dash rising expectations among Palestinians that statehood will be declared in September. Proceeding would risk confrontation with Obama, who laid out his parameters for a peace deal _ including assurances that it must be based on the pre-1967 war lines _ in hopes of getting the Palestinians to desist from unilateral actions.

Thanks, Barry! That’s just what the world needed, another club with which to bash Israel. So glad you provided us with one.

The new narrative. All the cool media kids are pushing it.

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2 Responses to The new narrative on Israel

  1. It is no wonder that the newspapers are losing readership, whether paid for or not.
    Edie Lederer (the co-author of this pathetic piece about the President and the U.N.) is another condescending twit who, after receiving praise from her colleagues, thinks that she is deserving of praise from everyone.
    She needs to spend a week in Sderot and a week in Beer Sheva and work and play with the children while missiles are flying. Then she needs to spend a week in J’salem and hike to Amman.
    These folks treat Israel as if the country were the size of Texas and they refuse to look at maps.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    I don’t see why the Palis would need a UN Resolution. Of course, they might want a new one as propaganda for delegitimizing Israel, but I don’t see why the original Partition Resolution from 1947 would not do. If Israel could declare her statehood based on that, why not the Palis? Of course, as far as I know the Palis never tried to declare a state in 1948, and their “Arab Brothers” certainly never let them do so in the parts of Mandatory Palestine they captured in the 1948 War. Nor did they have a quasi-governmental structure set up to take over running such a state, like the Jews did in the form of the Jewish Agency. Even today they don’t have anything much like a government in the PA except for a typical Arab kleptocracy, and one of Hamas’ demands on Fatah for unity was to fire the only Pali official who can actually administer anything except a terrorist cell or an extortion racket.

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