The obligatory end of the world post

As I am quite sure I won’t be going anywhere during the Rapture, what with my being Jewish and all that, here’s a post where those of us who will not be going anywhere can discuss the mayhem and chaos that will be going on today.

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2 Responses to The obligatory end of the world post

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    You never know, Meryl. It could be someone who is not Christian, who is hardly a saint, and yet when the end of the world comes that person could taken up to heaven even though he’s sitting at his desk typing and be in the middle of

  2. Of course, the fact that this is supposed to have taken place before Shabbat was over would mean that those of us who are Jewish would not be going anywhere in any case. I haven’t heard the shofar blowing at all today (and of course it would not be blown on Shabbat).

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