Monday on the road briefs

The mystery of the contaminated jet fuel: I’ve been tracking this story for days, but there’s no explanation. Did terrorists tamper with Israel’s jet fuel? Was it a disgruntled employee? Or just a bad batch from wherever they purchased it? The good news is that no planes crashed as a result. The bad news is that if this was a terrorist attack, it was the most clever attack on Israeli jetliners ever. The best news is that this will now never happen again.

I don’t care. Tim Blair is awesome: It’s a read-in-full column, filled with Tim Blair’s personal brand of Juvenile Scorn (and yes, he is absolutely a Master of Juvenile Scorn™). It’s all about the sudden concern for the well-being of mass-murdering terrorist mastermind’s corpses.

Best blog comment ever: Pst, al Kada, we R in UR [email protected]@z, plotin UR d00m. Read the story it goes with.

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  1. Eric J says:

    You’re missing a link to the Tim Blair column.

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