Your Wednesday briefs

Boycott this, morons: First Israelis invented texting. Now they’re going to use it to save Israeli lives. Jews rock. UPDATE: My mistake. Israel invented instant messaging, not texting. But Jews still rock.

Apparently, freeing Gaza is not a high priority for too many people: The Gaza flotilla is being postponed. What? You mean people don’t want to risk their lives covering for terrorists pretending to be innocent little activists (who keep talking about martyrdom to the Arabic press)? Color me amazed. If they’re finally getting some sense, good for the idiots. And there’s also this:

It also turns out the Turkish organizers have been largely unsuccessful in raising donations to fund the operation. Many ship owners refused to loan their vessels for the cause, fearing they might be confiscated by Israel. Now the activists are forced to buy the ships themselves.

So the truth did get out, even though the anti-Israel media did its best to paint the Mavi Marmara incident in the best of lights for the terrorists. That’s hopeful news.

Leviathan can’t get here soon enough: I can’t wait for Israel’s energy independence from the Jew-haters around the Jewish state. An “unknown armed gang” blew up the gas line to Israel again. And oh yeah, they’ve arrested the people who made the gas deal with Israel and are charging them for selling gas to Jews for too little money. Sure, Egypt is going to be a peaceful neighbor. Because it’s not like Mubarak allowed decades of anti-Israel incitement or anything like that while he was distracting Egyptians from their shitty condition under him. Oh. Wait.

Obama’s answer to high gas prices: More oil imports. Opening up our own deep water wells again? Nope. Allowing drilling in the U.S.? Nuh-uh. More offshore drilling? Fuhgeddaboudit. But hey, more oil from the Saudis? Awesome! Plus, blaming oil companies for high profits, and putting together yet another commission to investigate “fraud and abuse.” Because that’s exactly what we need, not, say, more American oil.

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  1. unbeliever says:

    SMS messaging wasn’t invented by Israelis. Where did you hear that? I know that Israelis take credit for inventing everything (so do the Chinese, Russians etc). Reminds me of Chekov on Star Trek.

  2. Israelis don’t take credit for inventing everything. But they sure have invented a lot.

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