Two states, side by side, living in peace. Yeah. Right.

Once again, the Palestinians have proven how eager they are to live in peace with their Jewish neighbors. (Once again, the AP proves its bias.)

A Palestinian policeman opened fire Sunday at a group of Israelis who had come to pray at a Jewish holy site in the West Bank without authorization, killing one and wounding four, the Israeli military said.

The shooting threatened to inflame tensions in the West Bank, where Jewish settlers and Palestinians live in uneasy proximity and where settlers have responded to attacks in the past with violent reprisals.

Israeli police identified the dead man as Ben-Yosef Livnat, a Jerusalem resident in his mid-20s. Ben-Yosef was a nephew of Limor Livnat, a prominent hardline Cabinet minister from the ruling Likud Party.

Limor Livnat, who attended the funeral, told reporters that her nephew was killed by a “terrorist disguised as a Palestinian policeman.”

What the AP does not tell you is that the Israelis were driving back to their homes when the Palestinian police fired on their car—at a checkpoint.

Oh, and there’s also this headline:

     Israeli killed, 4 wounded in West Bank

Really? An Israeli was killed? Who killed him? Because in the lead, the AP tells me it was the Palestinian police. Why isn’t the headline “Palestinian policeman kills 1, wounds 4 in West Bank”? It’s just like the headlines where the AP tells us that rockets kill Israelis, but not that they’re fired by Palestinians.

And why was an Israeli killed at Joseph’s Tomb?

Palestinian officials notified the Israeli military that the Israelis “were shot by a Palestinian policeman who, after identifying suspicious movements, fired in their direction,” the Israeli military said.

“Suspicious movements”? Doubtless, the Jews dared to pray at a shrine that is holy to both Jews and Muslims. Note that the emphasis is going to be on the fact that Jews went to the tomb without coordinating the visit, not that they were murdered by a Palestinian police officer. Also note that unlike the deaths of Palestinians, murders of Israelis by Palestinians barely manage a blip on the world media scene.

Palestinians are saying the police fired several warning shots at the car, then into it when it refused to stop. The investigation is ongoing. Watch for the celebrations from the Palestinian side. And no apology. After the shooting, Palestinians once again mobbed Joseph’s Tomb and desecrated it—because it is sacred to Jews. These are the people that the world wants Israel to give control over the Temple Mount. And people wonder why Israel refuses.

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