Thursday Passover news roundup

Seriously? On April 20th? Seriously? The irony is so thick on this one, you’d swear I’m making it up. Bill White, American neo-Nazi shithead, had his conviction overturned and was released yesterday—on the anniversary of the birthday of the world’s worst mass murderer of Jews. That’s the bad news. The good news is that neo-Nazis are still tiny-penised washouts who are so blinded by their hatred of, and jealousy for Jews that we get to laugh at them on the day after Hitler’s birthday and point out that Hitler is dead. We’re still here. (Cue Nelson laugh.) White intends to move in and live with his parents. Yes, really. Loser.

Ew, there’s another picture at the link: Helen Thomas has withdrawn from the anti-AIPAC festival happening in DC at the exact same time of the AIPAC conference. Apparently, even some of the ex-Jews signing onto anti-AIPACFest can’t stomach Thomas’ anti-Semitism. Not that Medea Benjamin gives a damn, but then, any woman who would deliberately change her name to the mythological witch who murdered her children to save her lover is not exactly someone who I think can tell right from wrong.

“The conference is really to talk about –and many of us are Jews- is to work for a policy where Israel and Palestine can live together in peace and get a process started,” Benjamin, who is Jewish, said. “My values are Jewish and I believe in Compassion for all and AIPAC does not represent my Jewish values. Helen Thomas is one of 30 people who have been invited and we are a community of people who cherish Jewish values.”

Yeah. Sure. Jewish values.

I’m not anti-Jewish; I’m anti-Zionist. I am anti Israel taking what doesn’t belong to it. If you have a home and you’re kicked out of that home, you don’t come and kick someone else out. Anti-Semite? The Israelis are not even Semites! They’re Europeans, and they’ve come from somewhere else. But even if they were Semites, they would still have no right to usurp other people’s land. There are some Israelis with a conscience and a big heart, but unfortunately they are too few.

A slip of the tongue. Right.

Gul Dukat tells Israel to shut up and do what the Arabs want them to do: Gul Dukat, the prime minister of Turkey, had his PR people write an op-ed, so of course the New York Times published it. He’s not a bad guy. He just wants to help. What, his anti-Israel bent for the last several years? His support of the IHH terrorist flotilla? His constant demagoguing about Israel in Turkey? Feh. Look, he has an idea for peace. It’s the Arab peace plan, which gives the Palestinians everything they want, gives Israel nothing, and tells Israel to absorb millions of third-generation “refugees,” but hey—that’s what the Times wants to, isn’t it?

But it’s going to be peaceful: Now Fatah says they’re sending officials on the new Gaza flotilla. Officials like this:

Fatah was not part of the May 2010 flotilla. “We didn’t participate in the previous flotilla, but we supported it and the attack on Israel that followed,” said Shaath.

And still, the media will call them “peace activists.”

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