Thursday news roundup

Goldstone commision to Israel: Oh, please. The fix was in, deal with it. Three of Dickie Goldstone’s compatriots took out an unpaid ad in the Guardian to effectively say, “Neener neener neener, we’re not wro-ong! Am not am not am not!” (If you think I’m exaggerating, just go read it.) Of course they use the Guardian, tool of the world Israel-haters, as a platform. And of course they use Comment Is Free, which is actually the most wretchedly anti-Israel of all Guardian things (just read through the comments, if you have a strong stomach). The article basically says the same thing as the report, and uses the same logic: If there is no UN oversight, then the investigations are illegitimate. The opposite, of course, is nearly always true, but let’s not let reality affect our take on things. Can we have a resounding “Eff you” cheer for all the players involved, including Dickie Goldstone? (Cue the “See how strong the Israel Lobby is?” rhetoric at the three not having an op-ed in the Times.)

But they’re ready for a state now: The Palestinians continue to demonize and disappear Israel in their textbooks. Can you imagine a “Palestine” next to Israel that continues to teach its children to hate Israelis? You probably don’t have to work very hard to do it, because there’s no sign that the money machine is going to stop anytime soon, and European and American donors are responsible for things like this.

We do not think that word means what you think it means: The Vanguard Leadership Group, a leadership development academy and honor society for top students from mostly-black colleges and universities in America, have sent a letter to colleges all over the U.S. telling them to stop using the word “apartheid” to describe Israel. (Here’s the full text of the letter.) In other news, heads exploded on the anti-Israel left as the Israel-haters tried to figure out a way of discrediting the letter without attacking the Vanguard Leadership Group. Blacks and Jews, together again. Kudos to the VLG. The letter is directed to the SJP. My prediction: The racism of their states of origin is going to come out in subtle ways against this. Arab states are notoriously racist towards their darker-skinned people, a fact that is almost always ignored by the media.

The AP media bias strikes again: Where in the first five paragraphs is there a description of Goldstone saying that he was wrong about Israeli deliberately targeting civilians? Paragraph five, which usually won’t make it into your local paper’s World News section. Paragraphs one, two, and three? Oh, they’re all about the Goldstone Committee striking back and insisting that Israel committed war crimes galore.

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