Tuesday working briefs

Ew, Jew Cooties! Tel Aviv is sending a contingent to the Berlin Gay Pride festival, but they’re not going to identify Tel Aviv as part of Israel. They’re not the only Israeli city to do so. Eilat is being branded as a resort on the Red Sea. And the best part? The Star of David, we’re told, can cause antagonism. Say, where have we heard about Jews having to hide their Jewishness in order not to be persecuted? Oh, that’s right. Throughout history.

Yeah, tell it to the Czar: Israel is complaining to Russia about the Russian-made, Iranian-bought, Syrian-smuggled Kornet anti-tank missile used against an Israeli school bus last week. Think Russia gives a shit? I don’t.

Feel-good reads for you: Read this. And this. And this. Mind you, they’re not warm-fuzzy feel good op-eds. But they’re good to read.

Seriously? Gee, I can’t imagine why: The UN sent an investigator to Quantico to try to determine if Bradley Manning is being tortured by the U.S. Marines. He was denied access to Manning. See title.

Shyeah, like that’s gonna work: The Red Cross wants Hamas to show proof Gilad Shalit is still alive. See title.

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  1. Soccerdad says:

    Interesting. 70 years ago antisemitism in Europe was marked by Jews wearing a six pointed star. Now it’s marked by Jews not being allowed to wear a six pointed star. Is that progress?

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