Really bad metaphor, Dave

Via Commentary, we get this account of why Media Matters hates conservative media outlets:

Media Matters had always packaged itself differently than the right’s Media Research Center and Accuracy in Media. It said it was looking for misinformation, not bias. But in 2009, there was a sense that the left was getting rolled and ambushed. (The forced White House departure of Van Jones in September 2009 was seen as the last straw.) Conservatives had always claimed that Media Matters was an attack-dog group, not an accuracy group—so it became an attack group. Conservatives claimed that the group was funded by George Soros when it wasn’t, so in October 2010 it accepted $1 million from Soros, who asked that Media Matters “hold Fox News accountable.” Slowly, Media Matters became what the right claimed it had always been. It was like watching Bruce Banner get picked on until his eyes turned green and he started smashing things.

That’s a really bad metaphor, Dave. If there’s one thing that I know a lot about, it’s the Hulk.

Here’s the thing about Bruce Banner: Once those gamma rays hit, the Hulk was always inside the mild-mannered scientist. By using the above analogy, Weigel is telling us is that Media Matters was always just one perceived slight away from turning into the anti-Fox crusading monster that it is now openly admitting it has become.

Fortunately for Media Matters targets, the organization’s ability to smash is more like its ability to, oh, thump. Or maybe launch a noogie-level attack. Media Matters smash? Shyeah. Not likely.

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3 Responses to Really bad metaphor, Dave

  1. rdamurphy says:

    Media Mutters never took money from Soros before? Another half-truth, it was pretty common knowledge that Soros funneled money through Podesta’s Center for American Progress. The Dems launder money through so many channels, it’s hard to keep track of where they stole it from…

  2. Jay Tea says:

    Actually, according to Peter David, The Hulk was ALWAYS inside Banner. The gamma rays just gave him a way to get out on occasion.

    David’s interpretation of Banner as an MPD from childhood abuse was absolutely brilliant.


  3. Yes, I like his interpretation of Hulk better than all of them (though when I write Hulk, the most fun one to write is the “Hulk smash!” version). Still, if Banner’s inner Hulk came out prior to the gamma rays, he would not have been able to do the kind of damage the Hulk can do. And Dave Weigel isn’t talking interpretation, he’s talking about HULK SMASH!

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