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Media bias fatigue sets in: Really, I’m too tired to parse the anti-Israel bias here. You do it. (Hint: Palestinians acting unilaterally? Not an impediment to peace. Israel acting unilaterally? OHMIGODTHEY’REDESTROYINGPEACE!!!!!!!!)

This is what passes for history at Salon: Unbelievable.

Israel is a self-made entity that began when people emigrated to then-Palestine, now Israel, beginning in the early 20th century. The way in which the Jewish community in Palestine gained a foothold and then claimed sovereignty was by settling Jews on the land. In large part this was a zero sum game, in the sense that by claiming land, that land and those resources and the sovereign energy that the resources represented were made unavailable to Palestinians who also claimed this land as their own. That process works for Israel in the sense that land and settlement led to sovereignty and led to a claim on the land that Arabs and the rest of the world ultimately would have no choice but to recognize. It’s that history that informed Israel’s interest in continuing settlement when it came into control of the land in June ’67 — which many considered part of its God-given homeland. So in a sense what we’re seeing now is a continuation of the historical effort of the Jewish community in Palestine to expand its sovereign presence and by so doing undermine the ability of Palestinian Arabs to do the same.

What Justin Elliot should know about Israel: Apparently, everything.

Okay, maybe Baby Assad isn’t going anywhere: You didn’t see anything quite like this in Egypt. I’m thinking Assad may survive. Exit question: How many of his “supporters” are Lebanese?

Jew cooties: More British anti-Zionism. It’s Orwellian in scope. A festival called “Arts Music of Israel” refused to accept a grant from Israel, due to threats of disruption by pro-Palestinian groups. This is the ultimate in bullshit:

However, the Chronicle reported, pro-Palestinian groups said they still plan to hand out leaflets outside the conference, claiming it would be “impossible” to hold a conference on Palestinian music.

Sure. Impossible. Totally impossible. Nobody ever talks about Palestinian art.

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6 Responses to The Seriously? briefs

  1. Herschel says:

    As bad as the “saloon” article is, some of the comments are 10X worse!
    Blatant anti-Semitism and calls for extermination of the Jews are allowed on this trashy site, with only a few commentators taking the Israeli side. What the hell is wrong with the editors, some of which may be Jewish allowing this filth to stay on their site?
    I have finally come to realize that liberalism is not what it purports to be, but the complete opposite, a way of life that espouses “diversity and getting along with others,” but but really thrives on vehement hate for those that disagree with its ideology!

  2. violet says:

    Well, that was vile. The first comment under the Salon article is “Exterminate the Jews.” Farther down is a crack about lampshades. What sort of site would let comments like that stand?

  3. A site that doesn’t even have a comments policy, let alone comments moderation. First Amendment, and all that. Freedom to the people, dontchaknow. This, of course, did not stop them from publishing a complaint about unmoderated comments.

  4. Herschel says:

    I was literally shocked to see the level of hateful filth exhibited on this so called “intellectual” site, can you imagine what takes place on other sites!
    One interesting comment discussing the self loathing tribe syndrome of the reporter said it best, to paraphrase, maybe you can try to have your missing foreskin surgically re-attached and make the break from the tribe official!

  5. Herschel says:

    I just realized something profound, maybe this will be the next cosmetic surgery rage. I am sure there are many former tribe members that would love to sign up for this attachment procedure, maybe they can even get a group discount rate if done at the same time, with perhaps a legal name change thrown in to complete the “package.”

  6. Alex Bensky says:

    There’s a widespread myth that Jews are as a group smart and if any refutation were needed,Israel’s hasbara (propaganda) would be that proof. This article, like countless others, asserts that Israel is a result of European sins, therefore the Arabs are being made to suffer for the sins of others, etc.

    This isn’t true for two important reasons. The lesser one is that the Arabs generally supported the Axis during World War II to the extent that they had anything to do with it. The greater reason is that nearly half of Israel’s population are from Arb countries or the descendents of those who fled to Israel after 1948. Israel is there in part because of Arab oppression of Jews as well.

    And sixty-some years later those Jews from Arab lands are festering in refugee campss, frustrated, hopeless, becoming in effect a dealth cult, because the Israelis wouldn’t…oh, wait.

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