The Ugh, it’s Monday briefs

The anti-Israel bias: So subtle even I missed it. I read this story yesterday, and it seemed pretty even-handed for the most part. At least, there weren’t any glaring anti-Israel remarks, except of course, the Gaza war “including 900 civilians” bullshit boilerplate. Then I’m looking for links for today, and I realized something. Look at the headline to the story:

Israel deploys rocket defense system against Gaza

The system is being deployed against Gaza. Not against “militants.” Not against Hamas. Not against rockets. Against Gaza. Subtle. Very subtle. And also very anti-Israel. Those monsters! Deploying a rocket defense system against the poor, overcrowded, innocent territory of Gaza!

Yeah, I agree: IDF officers are saying that the response to over 50 rockets and mortars launched in a day, as well as grad missiles landing near major Israeli cities, was too soft. Oh, come on. Bibi flat-out told Hamas not to test him, didn’t he?

Trade with Iran? Totally more important than a few dead Jews: Leaked documents are showing that the Argentinians offered to drop their investigation into the Iranian-sponsored terrorist bombings of the Israeli embassy and the Buenos Aires Jewish Center, which killed 114 people. Because it’s the age-old question of the non-Jewish world: What’s more important? Money or Jews? Yes, we know the answer to that. Funny, how the world always uses the stereotype that Jews think money is the most important thing in life, and it always turns out that it’s the non-Jews who are ready to turn on Jews at the drop of a … coin.

Weird news story of the day: Gandhi left his wife for the 1908 version of Arnold? (It’s pretty easy to spread stories about people after they’re dead.) Say, come to think of it, isn’t this lashon hara? Should Ynet be publishing stories like this? Should I be repeating them? I’m so confused…

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  1. Rahel says:

    Let’s see. As I remember it, lashon ha-ra is simply gossip. Motzi shem ra is slander. I can still remember a friend of mine teaching me long ago: “The definition of lashon ha-ra is that it’s true.” Motzi shem ra isn’t true.

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