Compare and contrast, freedom version

In Egypt, women marching for equal rights were harassed, sexually assaulted, and beaten. Thousands of men surrounded hundreds of women and drove them from Tahrir Square on International Women’s Day. The AP headline for this story?

Egyptian women’s rights protest marred by hecklers

Right. “Heckled” is the headline, though the body of the story contains the facts.

Also in Egypt, Muslims torched a Coptic Christian church. Why? Because a Muslim and a Christian were dating, and the father of the Muslim refused to murder his child for dating a Christian. The Muslims murdered the father, and then attacked the Christians. Christians fought back. There are now pitched battles in Egypt between Christians and Muslims.

In Libya, Madman Gaddaffy is flattening towns where the people are rebelling against him, and also bombing oil production terminals.

In Israel, the government has postponed by several months the decision to deport children of foreign workers who are not legal citizens of Israel.

In Ramallah, the PA censored a TV show making fun of Madman Gaddaffy.

Israel is ranged number 2 globally for having women in upper management positions in corporations.

Oh, and Israeli Jews don’t murder their women for intermarrying.

But by all means, let’s vilify Israel during the annual Israeli Apartheid festivals at universities worldwide. Because that’s where the problems are in the Middle East.

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3 Responses to Compare and contrast, freedom version

  1. Oh, and Israeli Jews don’t murder their women for intermarrying.

    Yes, they rescue them when the women realize that they should never have done that.

  2. Alex Bensky says:

    All this is shortly after International Women’s Day and as far as I can tell, not a peep out of western feminists about this.

  3. Actually, Alex, the Egyptian women were harassed ON International Women’s Day.

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