Monday briefs

Gee, that’s a shocker: Israel is one of the least popular countries in the world, followed only by Iran, North Korea, and Pakistan. How can that be? After all, it’s not like the media has a 24/7 anti-Israel narrative going, banging on every single negative aspect of anything they can find on Israel or anything like that. I mean, really. Israel is unpopular? Who knew?

The surprise would be if they could find a single pro-Israeli Egyptian: Egypt’s new FM hates Israel. Yawn.

Wow, gas prices are sure going up fast! Gee. We need more oil. Hey, there are these rigs offshore that could get oil to us really fast, over 200,000 barrels a day! But wait—the Obama administration refuses to issue the permits to allow the drilling. So what shall we do to cut the cost of oil? I know! Let’s think about tapping the reserves, but of course, not do it. And why is that? Because Obama wants high gas prices. He wants to force Americans to conserve. The fact that high oil prices will cause all sectors of the American economy to raise prices? It’s okay. He can print more money or something. What a tool. By the way, to all of you conservatives who sat on your hands because you didn’t like McCain enough to vote for him? How do you like him now? And oh yeah—Obama’s raising money for 2012. We might have this jerk for eight years. But hey, you didn’t vote for a RINO, so good for you!

This is interesting: Shoah, the French documentary about the Holocaust, is going to be broadcast in Iran, in Farsi, on a satellite channel. I keep hearing that the average Iranians don’t hate Israel or Jews. If that’s true, this will be a very good thing.

Seriously? We were selling Libya APCs? The Obama administration was going to sell Libya APCs. Seriously? I mean, seriously? And the Bush administration sold Libya weapons, too?

Sometimes, I hate our government.

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2 Responses to Monday briefs

  1. chairwoman says:

    Although I live in a Jewish neighbourhood, my immediate neighbours are Iranian (or Persian as they call it) on my right, and Greek on my left. The two houses immediately opposite mine are also Iranian/Persian.

    None of these are remotely antisemitic. The Persians in particular. In fact they’re not actually very keen on being Muslims (sshh), they still yearn for Zorastraism). They tell me that their views are those of the average man in the Iranian street.

  2. chairwoman says:

    That should have said Zoroastrianism.

    My bad :(

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