Wednesday, briefly

America hearts Israel: Support for Israel is near an all-time high. Let’s hear again how Jews control Congress, and that’s why the U.S. supports Israel, because it’s not like, oh, 63% of Americans sympathize more with the Israelis than the Palestinians. No word on how many of the 17% who favor the Palestinians are members of J Street.

Perhaps if they didn’t keep throwing money at third-generation Palestinian “refugees”: NGOs are having trouble handling Libyan refugees. Gee, maybe if the UN didn’t keep pouring hundreds of millions of dollars a year into UNRWA, there would be more money and aid available to actual refugees. But no, we have to keep beating on Israel.

Hamas, the Holocaust deniers: This will be interesting. Hamas is saying it will stop the UN from teaching about the Holocaust in UNRWA camps. Let’s see who wins. My prediction: Violence will be involved, and downplayed by the UN. Or blamed on Israel.

If you’re Arab and you know it, blame the Jews: I swear, sometimes that’s all it takes. Amr Moussa is blaming Israel for trying to prevent him from running for president of Egypt. Why is he doing this? Because blaming Israel is the most popular theme in the Middle East. Oh, let’s face it: Blaming Israel is the world’s favorite obsession.

Just your run-of-the-mill European anti-Semite: When you are blatantly anti-Semitic and professing your drunken love for Hitler, dude, your job is toast. The fact that Galliano worked for one of the world’s biggest fashion houses? Feh. Doesn’t everyone hate the Jews a little, really? Except for those Americans, but they’re so provincial, darling. By the way, Galliano? Hate you too, bitch.

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3 Responses to Wednesday, briefly

  1. chairwoman says:

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the House of Dior is actually owned by you-know-whooooos :).

    Does give me a problem though. My daughter bought me a Dior handbag in 2005 to mark a special birthday. Does this mean I can’t use it any more?

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    Up to you Chairwoman. The US imports oil from The Wahhabist Entity but few of us have given up using gasoline.

  3. Alex Bensky says:

    But golly, Meryl, J Street is pro-Israel. They keep telling us that and according to at least one report at their recent conference they had a workshop on Boycott, Divest, and Sanctions, the theme of which was not how to fight it but whether J Street should join in it.

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