The utterly predictable AP anti-Israel narrative

I told you so. The AP ignored the rocket fire, and only wrote about it when Israel responded with force.

Israeli air force strikes Gaza, 8 wounded

Note the headline has no context. Those evil Israelis are just randomly bombing Gaza and wounding people.

GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip (AP) – Officials in Israel and Gaza say Israeli aircraft have carried out retaliatory airstrikes in the territory after militants launched rockets into Israel.

The airstrikes are “retaliatory.” Not justified. They use a word that makes Israel look vengeful. There is also no context that the missiles have been launched at Israel on 20 of the first 40 days of the year. That’s right, on the average of every other day, Gazans are firing missiles into Israel. The AP does not note the missile attacks unless someone in Israel is hurt or killed. Or unless Israel launches “retaliatory” airstrikes.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesman Adham Abu Salmiya says the airstrikes overnight lightly wounded eight Palestinians. He says one strike set fire to a Health Ministry medicine warehouse in northern Gaza.

Yes, we have the “Israel didn’t hit a military target” line, which is what the Palestinian spokesliars always use, and which the media always repeate uncritically. Here we also have the named Palestinian spokesperson. There is no named spokesperson from Israel, which is apparently AP policy. Note the use, as usual, of quoting, “Israel’s military”:

Israel’s military said Wednesday that the strikes were in response to the firing of five rockets and mortars into Israel on Tuesday. The military said aircraft targeted a tunnel and two other sites used by militants.

Lastly, we have the boilerplate untruths that the AP accepts at face value.

The Hamas militants who rule Gaza have largely refrained from attacking Israel since Israel’s Gaza offensive two years ago. But smaller groups continue to fire rockets and mortars.

If Hamas doesn’t want rockets to fly into Israel, then rockets do not fly into Israel. I know this, the AP writers know this, Hamas knows this, and Israel knows this. But here’s the thing about our so-called objective media: If a group says it is not violent, therefore, it is not violent. (cf: Muslim Brotherhood)

The AP: Bringing you all the news that fits our narrative.

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3 Responses to The utterly predictable AP anti-Israel narrative

  1. Alex Bensky says:

    I especially like that part about how Hamas has “largely refrained” but carrying out attacks. Implication, of course, is that although they haven’t “refrained altogether,” you can’t really expect them to do so. This is along the lines of “cease fire” meaning “not throwing as many missiles as before at Israel” and any Israeli response is at best, “another round in the cycle of violence that besets this war-torn land.”

  2. anon says:


    I can understand the twisted logic used by media.

    For thousands of years, whenever Jewish people were attacked, they did nothing at all. It is how people, most obviously the media,
    expect the Jewish people to react to violence against them. Just take it. Do nothing. So, for the clowns who are ‘journalists’ these days Jewish people defending themselves IS news.

    On the other hand, those same racist journalists ‘know’ that Muslims in general and Arabs in particular are a very violent people. Political Correctness means that they can’t admit to their bias on this subject. Yet to those morons it simply isn’t NEWS that Palestinian Arabs act violently. They are such racists, such elitists, such moral degenerates that journalists EXPECT that behavior.

    Same thing with the posting above about the Israeli and Palestinian babies. Jewish people, even soldiers(!) acting in a moral way.
    That’s NOT news. Muslim Palestinian Arabs doing the same. Now to ‘professional’ “journalists” that is remarkable enough to write an article in a major newspaper.

    These are perfect examples of what President George W. Bush referred to as the “Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations”.

  3. Veeshir says:

    But smaller groups continue to fire rockets and mortars.
    That’s my personal favorite bit, the “Previously unknown group known as Palestinians for Justice” or whatever name the 4 Hamas terrorists used for that job.

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