Watch Iranium for free

For a limited time, you can watch the movie Iran didn’t want Canadians to see.

It’s quite frightening. Watch and learn.

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3 Responses to Watch Iranium for free

  1. Pablo Schwartz says:

    .. the INSANEians better think twice before invading Canada. all “Edmund Fitzgerald” jokes aside, it’s a proud land that has given us – to one extent or other – the likes of David Frum, Charles Krauthammer and – that’s right – GEDDY LEE. and as much as Iran likes to claim Freddie Mercury, they need to take a look at their history: he *would* have been born there .. if the Zoroastrians hadn’t been kicked out in the 8th century !

  2. Zee says:

    Canada gave you Frum, Krauthammer and Lee or Judaism did?

  3. Pablo Schwartz says:

    it shouldn’t have to be “either/or.” the “red/green/brown alliance” (i.e., ultra-Leftists, Radical Islamists and neo-Nazis) like talking about “dual loyalties” and the like. this is ridiculous: politics with .. ethnic concerns are common across *all* ethnicities. Frum, Krauthammer, Lee and – now that i think on it – the late Saul Bellow share ethnically complex identities in which Judaism plays no small part. one of the great qualities of European Jews during the nasty age of 19th century-inspired uber-nationalism was Cosmopolitanism, a refreshing antidote to the small-mindedness of the age.

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