Wednesday news roundups

You know, I’m almost with Iran on this one: I hate Valentine’s Day. I hate all Hallmark holidays. But I’m not willing to make it illegal, and the Iranians are. It’s that famous Muslim tolerance of other religions! Woot! (Although, when I go through the supermarket and see that glaring pink aisle, I do have second thoughts about making it illegal.)

Oh, then the party’s saved! Amir Peretz is going to stick with the Labor Party and give it another chance. To elect him, I suppose. (Pssst… Dude…. get rid of the porn ‘stache.) You know, when even Labor Party stalwarts balk at staying in the Labor Party, it’s time to retire the socialists.

Toldja so: The LA Times runs an article about the Serbian accused of genocide who is now an Israeli citizen because he married a Jew, and they don’t get around to mentioning that until paragraph 11 of a 14-paragraph story. The first ten paragraphs are all about the genocide committed by an Israeli citizen, and the headline is “Israeli citizen suspected of involvement in Bosnia war crimes arrested.” But of course. It’s far more important to call him an Israeli than to point out he’s an immigrant trying to run away from his past.

This is what Meryl will be doing for the next few days: Little Big Planet 2 is out. (And I has a Sackboy doll!) Sarah’s coming over to play while I work, at least until I can take lunch. Then we’ll hit a couple of levels together. Then I will sadly turn off the PS3 and go back to work. Ah, well. I anticipate our regular weekly gaming lunch forming again. Hell, it even got me to synch up my internet connection with the PS3. Can Netflix be far behind?

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