Your Tuesday briefs

“Spontaneous” pro-Hizbollah demos popping up in Lebanon: Love the report of “hand-held radios” being spotted. Read: Walkie-talkies with which to receive their instructions.

Associated Press reporters saw at least four gatherings of up to 30 people each, dressed in black and carrying hand-held radios. One gathering was about 400 meters (1,300 feet) from the Grand Serail, the seat of government in downtown Beirut, and security officials closed the roads leading to the building.

That’s just a shot across the bow. Lebanon is on the edge of a precipice.

Perversion of Aliyah: A Bosnian man married to a Jewish woman emigrated to Israel five years ago. Turns out he’s wanted for genocide in a massacre of Bosnian Muslims. Israel, of course, is cooperating. But mark my words, the anti-Israel left will use this as an example of Israeli genocide, even though the man is neither Jewish nor Israeli-born.

Remember, it’s anti-Zionism, not anti-Semitism: Someone painted a swastika on cargo from a British Airways flight to Israel. Gee. I guess they didn’t get the message that hate crimes are wrong in the U.K. Oh, wait. I forgot. The Exception Rule was in play. That’s where you add “Except for Jews” to every rule. So hate crimes are wrong, except for the ones against Jews. Like Israeli Double Standard Time, however, not to worry: It’s only in effect on days that end with a Y.

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