AP now letting Hezbollah set the boilerplate

Seriously? The AP is so desperate for “balance” that they’re now quoting the paranoid accusations of a terrorist group as boilerplate “balance”?

Because here’s what the AP wrote about the indictment filed against Hezbollah by the UN commission:

The court is widely expected to accuse members of Hezbollah of being involved in the killing, something the Shiite militant group has insisted it will not accept.

The Iran- and Syria-sponsored group fiercely denies any role in the killing and says the tribunal, jointly funded by U.N. member states and Lebanon, is a conspiracy by Israel and the United States.

Seriously? What next, the ravings of Jared Loughner as a defense of why he murdered six and shot 13?

Really, just when I think the AP can’t stoop any lower, I get to read drek like this.

Update: Yes, it’s the official boilerplate. From their latest article on the Hariri indictments:

The Iran- and Syria-sponsored Hezbollah calls the tribunal a conspiracy by Israel and the United States.

This is what now passes for journalism: Quoting a conspiracy theory as if it’s a legitimate rebuttal to the facts at hand.

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One Response to AP now letting Hezbollah set the boilerplate

  1. soccer dad says:

    NY Times too:

    Last week marked another surge in tension when Hezbollah and its Christian allies withdrew from a government led by Mr. Hariri’s son, Saad, in a dispute over the international tribunal, which has divided the nation. Hezbollah supporters believe it is hopelessly compromised, little more than an American-Israeli tool to bludgeon the movement. Mr. Hariri’s supporters believe the vehemence of Hezbollah’s reaction only underlines its guilt in the assassination.

    I know that it’s attributed to Hezbollah’s supporters, but it’s given the same weight as the belief that Hezbollah is behind the killing of Hariri.

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