And now a word

This post was originally published on March 9, 2002. Shortly before that, I was discussing how awesome it was to get several hundred visits a day. Adil Farooq and Glenn Reynolds (Adil first, then Glenn) were responsible for getting me the notice that would turn this blog from a 200-a-day habit to what it is today. Once again, Adil, a sincere thank you!

A wonderful thing happened this week. Adil at, whom I have been reading for months (and you should be reading him, too), mentioned me kindly in a recent blog, and told people to take a look at Iseema’s Diary while they were here. It got picked up by BBSpot and Metafilter and a few other places. (Not, may I point out, by Daypop.)

And thousands of people came.

They came, they read the diary, some of them looked around at other pages, and I hope to have interested some of them enough so that they come back on Monday.

But the most important thing, I think, is that they came not for a funny cat picture, not for a “Which X are you?” quiz, not for some freakish story, but for the writing. It’s up to me to keep them here now. I will do my best.

So, welcome, new readers. Kick your shoes off. Put your feet up, get comfortable, make yourself at home, and as soon as I’m settled back in from my Virginia trip (which will be tomorrow), I’ll be serving up some more helpings of what got you here in the first place.

But Adil is the one who gets to sit in The Chair That Swallows You Whole (so comfortable that you can’t get out of it), so nobody else sit there.

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