What I’m reading

Thing 1: The latest Charles Krauthammer column has a laugh-out-loud final paragraph. Best. Krugman. Putdown. Ever. Mr. Krauthammer, welcome to the world as a Master of Juvenile Scorn™

Thing 2: Yeah, that “Tiger Mother” essay really bothered me, too. Katie Granju has a great response.

Thing 3: The U.K. government forced the BBC to change their winter prediction from “severe” to “mild” to promote the global warming hoax? Oh, my. If true, this will bring down the Cameron government.

Thing 4: The American public is so much smarter than the pundit classes think we are. We’re not buying the bullshit argument that “eliminationist rhetoric” fanned the flames of batshit-crazy Jared Loughner’s shooting spree.

Thing 5: Sarah Palin issues a statement. Video.

Thing 6: If you don’t read Instapundit on a daily basis, you miss a lot of great links.

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  1. Mark James says:

    Ahem, but we rely on you and other pro-Israel blogs to read Instapundit for us. We can’t read every blog, especially ones with 20 entries a day or more. :)

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