The what day is today? briefs

No time left for Time: Abe Greenwald reads that drek, so I don’t have to. The magazine that gave us “Menachem Begin (rhymes with Fagin) is bashing Israel again. Say, it’s a weekly magazine, isn’t it? And this is a week, isn’t it? So of course, Time is bashing Israel. Update: Alana Goodman bashes Time a good one. (Get it? Goodman? Good one? Ahahahaha, I slay myself! Oh, wait. Eliminationist rhetoric! Someone call the police on me for threatening myself!)

Even the AP can learn: Iran is rounding up even more Christians, and this time, the AP is actually explaining that by “hard-liners” the Iranians mean “Christians we don’t like for one reason or another.” That’s much better than just reproducing the Iranian propaganda line of a couple of days ago.

More intolerance of Christianity from the Religion of Tolerance: An off-duty Egyptian police officer shot five Christians, killing one, for no apparent reason other than they’re Christian. Oh, and four of the victims were women. Hey, I’ve been saying for years that the jihadis won’t stop at killing Jews. It’s wonderful that Egyptian Muslims crowded around Churches for Orthodox christmas, and yet—the killing of Christians continues. I’ll believe that Muslims are becoming tolerant when they eliminate the laws against blasphemy, apostasy, and building houses of worship other than mosques. (I won’t be holding my breath.)

Hezbollah uses the Mahmoud Abbas Defense: They’re threatening to quit if they don’t get their way. See, I’m of the opinion that this is good news for Lebanon—Hezbollah is threatening to quit the government over the results of the UN Hariri trial. (Boy, they really must have something to hide there.) But of course, the spin’s going to be that it will cause civil war if they, as the AP put it, “topple” the government. And here’s what should have been in the lead, but was buried deeply:

Alloush, a former lawmaker, expressed concern about possible street violence encouraged by Hezbollah and the movement’s patrons in Tehran.

At the end of the day, it’s an Iranian decision,” he said.

Yes. All the world talks about “sovereign state” this and “sovereign state” that when discussing other nations, and yet, the fact that Iran and Syria are pulling the strings in Lebanon is once again ignored. Because it’s not like they’re oppressing the Palestinians in Lebanon or anything. Oh. Wait.

Israel sends heavy metal message to Hamas: The heavy metal, of course, being the metal encasing explosives. Three targets in Gaza, as well as one PIJ ex-terrorist, got the message.

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4 Responses to The what day is today? briefs

  1. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    Heeey. My maiden name is ‘Fagin’ and my father(a politically conservative Reform Jew) was a a patriotic American who’s views on Israel were practically Kahanist.

  2. Yes, but Time magazine wasn’t talking about you when they tried to slam Menachem Begin with a Jewish stereotype character that the author, Charles Dickens, was horrified to see used to slam Jews with. Not Time, though. Nope. Let’s associate the Prime Minister of Israel with a man who taught orphans to steal, was their thinking. I have yet to read a coherent explanation of why they chose “rhymes with Fagin” instead of simply something like, “pronounced bay-gin”.

  3. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    I’m sorry Meryl.
    I didn’t realize it was part of the original story.
    *slaps head*

  4. Your apology isn’t necessary. Time never gave one.

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