But Sunnis would never ally themselves with Shi’ites …

Tweeted by Martin KramerEhud Ya’ari writes:

For the last few months, a forty-three-page Arabic-language booklet has been emailed to Hamas activists in the Gaza Strip and to select members of the group in the West Bank and elsewhere. Titled The Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Revolution in Iran, this new publication represents the most important attempt to date to connect the growing cooperation between Hamas and its Iranian mentors to religious affinities, rather than political expediency. The argument, in essence, is that the Muslim Brotherhood — with Hamas as its Palestinian branch — is a natural partner of Iran, with which it shares a common set of values and a joint vision of the revival of the caliphate, despite the divide that historically separates Sunnis from Shiites and often sets them against each other.

Hmm. So I shouldn’t be surprised to read that Hamas Invites Ahmadinejad to Visit Gaza(via Daily Alert Blog)

So then Iran sees Sunni Hamas as much as its ally as Shi’ite Hezbollah. Iran and its proxies know that their enemies are the Great Satan and the Little Satan; differing religious beliefs are subordinate. The West must not ignore this.

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  1. Dvar Dea says:

    They do have a lot in common. Hamas’ philosophy is that of Rashid Rida, the spiritual father of the Muslim Brotherhood, and teacher of Hasan Al Banah, the founder of the brotherhood. It is a ‘reject the west and all its values’ philosophy, and that description summarized Khomeini’s philosophy as well.

    Rida’s other pupils included Haj Amin El Husseini and Az Adin El Kassem.

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