Friday briefs

That’s funny, I thought young American Jews were disconnecting from Israel: If the Peter Beinarts of the world are right, and young Jews are separating from Israel, how is it that Taglit (Birthright) Israel had to shut down registration in only seven days after receiving 23,623 eligible applications for 9,576 places on its winter trips? Yet another sign that the Assajews are full of crap.

Just call me a bee climate-denier: Say, remember that big, overly-hyped “OMG! THE BEES ARE DYING!” story of a few years back? The ones that blamed people for it even though the facts weren’t in? Turns out the causes are twofold: A virus tagteaming with a fungus. Funny, it wasn’t the environment crashing after all.

The Hizbullah Diversion Dance: Khaled Abu Toameh says Iran is about to push Hizbullah into a coup to divert attention from the UN Hariri Commission uncovering the truth about the murderous organization. Watch for the Obama administration to say something in a really annoyed tone if this occurs.

What? The AP got its facts wrong, too? The JPost says those two senior Hamas men the IDF took out this morning were one senior and one terrorist-in-training. Think the AP will correct? I don’t.

The IAEA helps Iran get illegal equipment: Seriously. No, SERIOUSLY. The IAEA helped ship illegal nuclear equipment to a banned Iranian receiver. Awesome. The IAEA is helping Iran get the bomb. But the UN is just super. Without it, we’d have chaos. Just imagine a world without the UN.

The answer to this is to bomb Syria again: If Syria goes unpenalized for arming Israel’s enemy in Lebanon, Syria will continue to train Hizbullah in how to fire Scud rockets, and send Scuds to them to fire. It’s time for Israel to start making the proxy war states pay a price for arming Hamas and Hizbullah. Bomb the military bases, preferably with Hizbullah terrorists inside.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    So where are the cute cat pictures? Rahel is pining for them I’m sure, and I could use some pictures of Tig and Gracie being Tiggerish and Gracieish.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    “Just imagine a world without the UN.”

    Per Eliza Doolittle: “Wouldn’t it be loverly?”

  3. Rahel says:

    Michael, you’re right. I pine constantly for Tig and Gracie pics. Must have my Tig and Gracie fix… please….

  4. Tomorrow. It’s been a rough day.

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