The Netanyahu narrative: He doesn’t really want peace

The anti-Israel (and anti-Bibi) narrative continues. In this AP peace processs analysis, the writer reports about critics on “both sides,” and yet, it is Netanyahu who is slammed throughout. Witness:

Analysts on both sides questioned the ability and desire of their leaders to negotiate a peace accord.

[…] In Washington, Netanyahu talked of creating a Palestinian state, a phrase he uttered for the first time just last year after strident opposition to the concept for two decades, and called for “mutual and painful concessions from both sides.”

But wait! There’s more!

Most Israeli analysts admitted to not knowing what was really on Netanyahu’s mind. Writing from Washington, veteran Yediot Ahronot columnist Nahum Barnea was uncharacteristically ambivalent.

“If this was just for show, Netanyahu played it well,” Barnea wrote. “But perhaps this was not only a show. Not this time.”

No, wait! There’s even more!

Netanyahu’s Likud Party has been among the strongest backers of Israel keeping much or all of the West Bank and east Jerusalem and expanding Jewish settlements on land the Palestinians want for a future state. Netanyahu’s coalition government is a patchwork of Likud, the moderate Labor, the hawkish secular Yisrael Beitenu and ultra-Orthodox Jewish Shas parties.

Wow, with all this, what does the writer have to say about Palestinian intransigence?

Palestinian political activist Mustafa Barghouti joined a demonstration against resumption of the talks, though he has supported peace efforts in the past. He charged that Israel’s settlement construction is sabotaging chances for peace. “We fear that all sides are losing the last opportunity for a two-state solution” of a Palestinian state next to Israel.


In Gaza, Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri said Abbas had no right to negotiate for the Palestinian people. “Therefore, any result and outcome of these talks does not commit us and does not commit our people, it only commits Abbas himself,” he said.

There are also quotes from Israelis in that section. So to sum up: Netanyahu doesn’t really want peace. Abbas does, but is being held back by a) Israeli settlement construction and b) Hamas.

I can’t remember who, but one of my friends who is also a pro-Israel analyst has told me that Mark Lavie is an unbiased reporter. I’m thinking not. The editor can only put so much spin on the article you write. Lavie is obviously no fan of Netanyahu. And it shows. Way to be objective, AP!

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  1. Herschel says:

    I remember reading something years ago that basically said Jewish reporters for the American media should not cover the Middle East because in their quest to prove their impartiality they typically bend over backwards so far that they wind up with their head up their ass!
    Unfortunately, the same philosophy does not apply to the Muslim reporters who squeeze every last drop of bias they can out of their Middle East reportage or risk ostracism, firing, or, worse from their Muslim handlers.

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