Thursday briefs

Saudi Medieval Punishment Watch: If you think Islamic “justice” can’t get much more disgusting than stoning a person to death, you’re wrong. A Saudi judge wrote to several hospitals asking them if they would sever a criminal’s spinal cord in punishment for his paralyzing his victim with a cleaver. Wow, what a great idea. Makes you just want to—run like hell in the other direction.

Good riddance to a bad scold: Dr. Laura, who converted to Judaism and then back again after she got pissed off at Jews, has left radio because people are upset that she used the n-word on her show. See, here’s the thing I really never understood. Who wants to call up a “therapist” who will yell at you, scold you, and tell you what a jerk you are? I’m so glad she gave up Judaism. She was giving us a bad name.

Cyprus comes through again: Cyprus refused to allow a Lebanese ship to use its waters to head to Gaza. Good for you, Cyprus. Time to start looking for Cypriot products and buying them. By the way, this is the all-female ship. It’s going to be stopped in Cyprus’ waters. This should be interesting.

Arab Deadbeats for Palestine: The Arab states aren’t ponying up to help their poor, poor, oppressed “brothers,” the Palestinians. And so it has ever been. The Palestinian cause is a club to beat Israel with, and a way to keep their peasants from revolting. Paying to relieve their “suffering”? What, are you crazy?

Only 56%? A Peace Index survey shows that 56% of Jewish Israelis think the world is against them. See title.

France expels Roma; UN doesn’t care: Only America and Israel can get in trouble for wanting to crack down on illegal immigrants. Say, kids, what time is it? That’s right. It’s Israeli Double Standard Time! But don’t worry—it only occurs on days that end with a “y”!

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4 Responses to Thursday briefs

  1. Licorne Negro says:

    Only 56%?
    I mean… Only 56%?
    The Israelis are really optimistic…

  2. Omri says:

    The one time I listened to her show, the caller was a man who had left his wife and two kids, and was living with his new girlfriend, and was irate because hos kids were visiting and were “being manipulative.” Dr. Schlesinger refused to listen to what he might have meant by that word, told him that the kids were misbehaving because they were hurt by his actions, and that he needed to reclaim his responsibilities as a father, which did not expire when he changed his residence. I can respect the man for calling her, and for Dr. Schlesinger for not over-analyzing the behavior of small children.

    Generally, when people are distressed badly to need a therapist, they are distressed by something that is at least partly driven by their conduct, and they should discuss it with someone who is willing to discuss the moral angle and exercise judgment on it, instead of someone who is bound by his trade to be “non-judgemental.”

    Whether that should be Dr. Laura, however, is another issue.

  3. Omri, you know I love you, but you are so wrong about people needing therapy that I don’t even know where to begin. What, people who suffer from clinical depression need someone to give them moral judgment before they can deal with their depression? Are you, ah, nuts?

    You’re confusing exhibitionists who like to tell millions of listeners what their issues are with people who genuinely need help. And you’re confusing Laura Schlesinger with real therapists. She’s a hack.

  4. Alex Bensky says:

    Oh, I have to disagree to some extent on Dr. Laura. I used to listen to her more often when she was on locally during the day and the only classical music available on the radio was the Canadian request show. I don’t think she saw nuances that were there but by and large I thought she was right on most of the big issues. Not, perhaps, someone around whom to construct your overall code of living but who is? And i thought her books contained a lot of sensible advice.

    That said, the last thing I would think of doing is calling up someone like her and discussing my private life in frotn of ten million listeners.

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