Catherine Ashton: Still an ashhole

The EU head of something-or-other, Catherine Ashton, is back in Gaza and demanding that Israel open all crossings completely, and allow exports, too. Because the fact that Gaza is run by terrorists who are stockpiling weapons and rockets to use on Israel first chance they get? Irrelevant.

“The position of the EU is very clear. We want to see the opportunity for people to be able to move around freely, to see goods not only coming in to Gaza but exports coming out of Gaza,” Ashton said at her first stop, the Megapharm pharmaceuticals company.

Later, she told a news conference that “what needs to happen now is continued international pressure to move forward.”

Yes, because that’s what needs to happen now. Move forward. Hamas is still in charge and oppressing the populace in new and more misogynist ways, and the PA still refuses to sit down and talk peace with Israel. But sure, move forward. Speed for speed’s sake: That’s the way to do it.

The precious Gazans are, uh, wait—they’re not starving. They’re buying gold and cars and delicacies. So what, exactly, is the reason the Ashton is demanding that Israel open its border to a hostile entity? Because they “should”? Really? This is the same Catherine Ashton, mind you, who wrote in the New York Times that Gazans were starving, even though others pointed out that the smuggling industry was bringing tons of food and other items into the territory.

She’s not the only one with a plan. Let’s take a moment to examine Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman’s new plan for Gaza. He wants to completely seal Israel’s border with Gaza, lift the naval blockade and allow Gazans full access to their border with Egypt. He wants an international military force to guard the crossings, but not the blue helmets—he wants NATO and the French Foreign Legion. Then, he wants the EU to recognize Gaza as a separate entity and Israel can wash her hands of it completely.

The reaction from Hamas? Hell, no. Israel is the occupier and is stuck with Gaza as part of the whole Palestinian state deal. Of course that would be their opinion. They don’t want Israel to be able to show the world that an independent Gaza is nothing but a failed terror state, just as it is in the current Gaza.

As for the Eurocrats like Ashton, well, apparently, reality never manages to dim their eternal proclivity to blame Israel for all things wrong in the Middle East. I won’t be holding my breath that anything changes.

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4 Responses to Catherine Ashton: Still an ashhole

  1. Empress Trudy says:

    I believe that taking the tack that they are evil terrorist savages who oppress women and are generally bloodthirsty genocidal maniacs won’t gain a lot of traction. Radicals don’t love them in spite of those things, they love them because of those things.

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    Too right Trudy.

    Seal the border with Israel, as Lieberman suggests. Israel recongnizes Gaza as an independent state ruled by Hamas. The first time Hamas attacks Israel, Zahal goes in and kills every Hamas gunman it can find, irrespective of civilian casualties, or at any rate no more pulling punches to protect civilians than the Allies did in WWII against the genocideal Nazi role models Hamas so admires. Then Israel tells the sheikhs of the Arab tribes in Gaza, “You rule here now. Rule as you wish. But no attacks on Israel or Jews, no bases for terrorists here. If there is any terorist attack on Israel from your territory, and we shall know where it came from, we will come and kill you, personally. Don’t f**k with us and we won’t kill you.”

  3. Think Of England says:

    The plan is a good one if it includes stopping electricity and water.

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    Gazans get all the electricity and water from Israel that they pay for. One problem with the Palis is that they are deadbeats. They expect Israel to send them what they want and then don'[t pay for it.

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