Russian spies used forged passports

I fully await the world outcry and the expulsion of Russian diplomats from Canada and any other nation that suffered from the use of forged and stolen passports—just like the world has done in the Dubai hit case.

Criminal complaints filed in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday read like an old-fashioned cold war thriller: Spies swapping identical orange bags as they brushed past one another in a train station stairway. An identity borrowed from a dead Canadian, forged passports, messages sent by shortwave burst transmission or in invisible ink. A money cache buried for years in a field in upstate New York.

At the very least, I expect to see multiple, breathless accounts of the outrage from the nations whose passports were forged—just like we saw in the world press about the Dubai hit.

No, not really. This is the best example of Israeli Double Standard Time we’ve seen in quite a while. I suspect that not a single country will make so much as a whimper about forged passports to Russia. After all, nobody cared that Mahmoud al-Mabhouh used forged passports—only that the Israelis that allegedly killed him did.

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2 Responses to Russian spies used forged passports

  1. Steven says:

    Meryl, the world can be such a drag with such open antisemitsm… at least it is somewhat amusing to read about it in your snarky way. :)

  2. Michael Lonie says:

    The only things missing from the case, so far, are a Prothonotary Warbler, and the declaration by Hillary Clinton that she will not turn her back on Richard and Cynthia. Given that these people were spying in America by the mid-90s (and there are most probably others as well) the Russkies went seamlessly from KGB operations against us to SVR operations against us, missing not a day or work.

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