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Biased AP headline of the month: Parents say Israel abandoned son held in Gaza. Apparently, the headline was too long. So instead of writing, say, “Parents say Israel abandoned soldier abducted by Hamas,” we have the pap above, which does not reflect the kidnapping. Also, the “cross-border raid” killed several other soldiers; funny, when Israelis are killed, they aren’t constantly mentioned in news reports. Like, say, ones that call the flotilla battle “Israel’s deadly raid on a Gaza-bound flotilla.” Bias much? I think so.

They are the eye in the sky: Israel launched another spy satellite. You have to wonder, though: If intel about Iranian nukes falls on Obama’s desk, will he actually read it?

But how many would have shown up for an anti- Israel rally? 10,000 people showed up at a rally for Gilad Shalit in Paris. See title.

That “humanitarian” crisis in Gaza? Pound sand. So if there’s such a humanitarian crisis in Gaza, howcome people are shelling out bucks for private beach houses with big-screen TV and waiters? Oh, of course. That last class is made up of Hamas bigwigs. The average joes just pay the beach fees and rent cabins.

Mubarak to Israel: You’re shirking responsibility for the Egyptians I refused to take back these past 43 years. Well, it’s true. Gazans are basically Egyptians. They’re your problem, Hosni, not Israel’s. I think the shirking is coming from the Egyptian side.

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  1. Michael Lonie says:

    When the peace treaty was signed between Egypt and Israel, all land in the Sinai Israel captured in 1967 was returned. Gaza could have been returned at the same time, but Egypt’s Sadat would not have it. The Egyptians want the Palestinian Arabs no more than the Israelils do, less perhaps. Their “Arab Brothers” treat the Palis worse than the Israelis do, and for excellent reasons from their point of view. The Palis go around starting civil wars in Arab countries. Their “Brother Arabs” keep them, therefore, in refugee camps, that serve as their prisons, when at all possible. Only Jordan makes them citizens, and they return Jordan’s favor by being relentlessly hostile to the Jordanian King. In the Gulf they are hewers of wood and frawers of water for their “Arab Brothers”. Kuwait threw out a quater million of them aftr the First Gulf War for being supporters of Saddam. Iraq threw out more after the Second Gulf War for being Saddam’s pets. Mubarak does not want them, and one can hardly blame him.

    There are three choice about Gaza. The Gazans live in peace beside Israel; the Israelis drive them all from Gaza because the Arabs there refuse to live at peace with Israel; continuation of the present standoff, with Israel breaking some heads whenever the Arabs there get too frisky about attacking those despised Jews across the border in Israel. Since there is almost no chance of option one, and option two is not really one Israel is likely to take, the best we can hope for is a continuation of the present impasse. No Peace Process will result in peace, for the Arabs do not want it, no matter how much the Israelis long for it. Leave the Arabs to stew in their own sewage until they come to a more healthy understanding of just howmuch they need peace.

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