The founder of Jews for Jesus is dead?

I missed this in the news last month. Moishe Rosen, former Orthodox Jew who founded Jews for Jesus, is dead.

I hear the Mormons posthumously baptized him.

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  1. yup. he’s dead. too bad. so sad.

    May his name and his memory be blotted out

  2. Mark James says:

    I saw a group firing off AK-47s last month, and I thought they must be Arabs. Turns out they were Jews celebrating Moshe Rosen’s demise. It’s enough to bring the Arab out of each Jew. :)

  3. John M. says:

    I know you guys not too happy with J4J evangelizing Jews. But remember to treat us run-of-the-mill Christians with the utmost kindness ;-) We are on your team, after all.

  4. John, click the link in the post. Or maybe just read this part:

    As much as some Christians want to convert Jews to their religion, it’s not the sole reason for their existence. It may be part of their doctrine, but it is not the sum of all its parts. And what missionary efforts they do have are geared towards all non-Christians, not just Jews. On the other hand, Jews for Jesus’ sole mission is to get Jews (and Jews alone) to accept Jesus as their savior.

    See, with run-of-the-mill Christians, I think you’re wrong (of course, that’s what faith is all about, I’m right, you’re wrong, and vice-versa). I know some Christians want to convert me. But I don’t think you want to eliminate Jews from the planet. That is the ultimate goal of an organization that’s sole purpose is to convert Jews to Christianity. There is little difference between the J4J endgame and the Iranian endgame. Both ways, there are no more Jews.

    So we’re not making fun of Christians here. We are making fun of Jews that converted to Christianity, then decided to try to convert all the rest of us, making up a church that lies extensively along the way (and apparently also copyrights the name “Jews for Jesus” and sues bloggers for using it). Most members of J4J aren’t Jews. They should change their name to “Christians who want to eliminate Judaism from the planet.” It would be more accurate.

    As for the Mormon joke, well, come on. You have to admit, it was funny.

  5. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    After my conversion to Christianity I flirted with JFJ for awhile but later came to the conclusion that being a ‘Jewish-Christian’ was like being sort of pregnant. it wasn’t possible. I now think of myself as a Catholic of Jewish ancestry.
    As far as Rosen’s name being blotted out-what a horrid thing to say.

  6. Russ says:

    As far as Rosen’s name being blotted out-what a horrid thing to say.

    A basic premise of Judaism is that the Almighty created the Jewish people for a purpose, and that purpose is yet to be fulfilled. Anyone who seeks to eradicate the Jewish people, whether via conversion or mass murder, is then working to undermine the work of the Creator. “May his name be blotted out” is a perfectly reasonable response to such a person.

  7. Rahel says:

    I remember J4J’s missionary pamphlets from my childhood. They used lies, deliberate mistranslations and outright scare tactics. I have very little respect for missionary activity in any case — I think that it shows hutzpah and disrespect at its very root — and I have even less respect for tactics that base themselves on lies (and the lamentable lack of Jewish education among most American Jews) in order to gain their ends.

  8. Tzvi says:

    Several years ago the Jewish community of Toronto, Canada, had a rather amusing run-in with this merry band of pests. It seems that one of their “rabbis” died and the JfJ tried to have him buried in the Jewish Padres Shalom cemetery.
    Word got out and the community turned out to block the internment. After much huffing and puffing, the pests were forced to find another burial location.

  9. Tzvi says:

    A follow up to my previous post.
    Does anyone know were Moshe Rosen’s remains were dumped?
    Disrespect fully intentional.

  10. Licorne Negro says:

    He is not dead.
    He ressurrected from the dead in the 3th day. :o

    Ok, just joking! xD
    He is dead, B”H. :3

  11. Jay Tea says:

    While he was resurrected on the third day, unfortunately he saw his shadow — and that means at least three more generations before the Messiah returns.


  12. zee says:

    Jew for Jesus is so 20th century anyway.

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