Wednesday boxers

The Israeli war machine: Oh, you know that’s what the anti-Israel mob is calling it. Israel leads the world in bringing automation to the battlefield. The latest: the air mule, which will bring supplies in and wounded soldiers out of urban areas. (Another look here.) So now the anti-Israel mob will be able to complain about even fewer Israeli casualties in the future. Well, I have a proposition for them. Let the Palestinians invent their own damned robots. Oh, wait. They’re too busy inventing longer-range rockets and better suicide vests. My bad.

The Iranian regime: Vicious, nasty thugs, just like the Mafia. The Iranian scientist that was killed by a motorcycle bomb was not an important part of the Iranian nuke team. Michael Ledeen says he was killed because he supported the Iranian opposition.

They blow up so quickly these days: Islamists in the U.K. are starting to brainwash elementary school children to become suicide bombers. So figure in about seven or eight years, there ought to be a wave of bombings in the U.K., unless they figure out how to stop these bastards.

It pays to be a Palestinian: So let’s see. Mahmoud Abbas refuses point blank to negotiate with Israel unless his precondition of a complete settlement freeze is met. The Palestinians, of course, continue their incitement against Israel. So what do George Mitchell and the EU want to do? Why, reward the Palestinians, of course. Because nothing says you’re doing wrong more than being given money for doing it.

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