Time for another Jooglebomb

Some years ago, the fact that “Jewwatch,” a despicable hate site, came up as the first result for a Google search on “Jew,” became quite controversial. As I recall, Google actually removed the site from its results for a while. There’s an internet petition going around to try to get them to do it again. Well, I think that internet petitions aren’t worth the paper they’re written on, which is why I never put my name to them.

Instead, let’s do what we did last time: We all put links to a much better site to raise it in the rankings. Put a permanent link to Judaism101’s main page, and bring it back up above the haters. I’ve added it to my blogrolls. It’s a great site for information about Judaism and Jews.

Also, put up a post linking to it, and use the word “Jew” in the link. Kindly pass this along to all of your favorite websites, not just the Jewish-Israeli blogosphere. Hey, put it on your Facebook accounts. Put it everywhere. Judaism 101 deserves it. Jewwatch deserves the Yourish.com mantra: Anti-Semites of the world, just die already. And preferably quickly.

I’ll be sharing some of the hate comments that this post will doubtlessly draw from the Jewwatch subhumans. I swear, they spend more time worrying about Jews than they do accomplishing anything in their lives, which is why they have to blame someone for their pathetic, miserable, unfulfilled lives.

Three little letters, and they cause so much anguish to the haters. Jew. Jew. Jew.

Update: Commenter Mario suggested that you all click on the “X” box to remove Jew Watch from the search results. That would likely push it down in the Google algorithm.

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4 Responses to Time for another Jooglebomb

  1. Thanks Meryl: I have a dummy blog but have never actually posted to it. I put your posting in just to help minimally. I don’t expect to get anyone to look at it as there is nothing to see, but the Jew reference and the picture that I use for my avatar.

  2. Mario says:

    Another thing you could do is to remove that site from your own results page. If you have a Google account, you should see the option after each result to either remove it or promote it. If enough people were to do so, presumably the Google algorithm will take that into account when new people search.

  3. Ooh, nice one. I like that idea a lot. Going to update the post.

  4. Houston says:

    Doing my part via google.

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