Racism for me, but not for thee

So, you know that theory that says you can’t blame an entire people for the actions of some of them? It’s also part of The Exception Clause, because it goes for every people on earth, except, of course, the Jews.

Britain has seen an unprecedented number of anti-Semitic “hate crimes”, with more incidents recorded so far in 2009 than in any previous entire year, a Jewish advisory body said on Friday.

Up to the end of June, there were 609 anti-Semitic incidents ranging from verbal abuse to extreme violence, compared with 276 in the same period last year.

And what, exactly, would the cause of that be?

Israel’s Gaza offensive against Hamas militants which was launched at the end of December was the main cause, it said, with many of the incidents taking place in January and including direct references to the fighting.

Right. But of course, it’s not anti-Semitism. It’s anti-Zionism. Because after all, isn’t it perfectly acceptable that if Israel invades the Gaza Strip to try to stop the flight of hundreds of rockets at her civilian areas, then British Jew-haters should be able to beat up British Jews at will? After all, it’s cause-and-effect. Why, it’s just like someone in Virginia being allowed to beat up a random black youth because his mother was mugged by some other black youth. Right? Right?

Of course that’s wrong. And yet, the world utterly accepts this behavior. What? They don’t? Really? Just go read the fever-swamps of comments on any newspaper that carries this story (evenYnet).

The CST said there had been 77 violent anti-Semitic incidents including two it classified as “extreme violence”, an attack which could cause loss of life or grievous bodily harm.

Most incidents took place in London and Manchester, the two biggest Jewish communities in Britain.

To sum up: Jews defend themselves against terrorists. World attacks other Jews. Yeah, not much has changed, except for the fact that Jews in Israel can defend themselves.

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4 Responses to Racism for me, but not for thee

  1. Sabba Hillel says:

    Except that according to various reports, self defense is not a valid legal defense in Britain. Unfortunately I am having access trouble to the results of google search right now or I would have posted the articles. However, google self defense britain and look for articles that are not tabloid fodder.

  2. Then it’s okay for me to beat up British people for other British people beating up British Jews for the actions of Israel?

    It’s not anti-Angloism, you know. It’s a protest against hate.


  3. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    My maternal grandfather was a first generation American. His mother was London born/raised Christian who converted to marry his Polish? born/ London raised Jewish father.
    He refused to visit Britain-EVER-because he said that anti-semitism chased his parents out. My GGF was a Bond Street Tailor and I was always told that they had to leave because there was a surplus in that perfession(sp).
    Seeing how England is now-maybe Pop was right.

  4. Michael Lonie says:

    And yet even a century ago Britain was probably the least sntisemitic country of Europe.

    I think part of the deterioration is due to the increasing numbers of Muslims in Britain, as elsewhere in Europe. A few years ago the EU Committee on Racism did a study on antisemitism in the EU and why it was rising. The results were that the increase was mainly due to Muslims attacking Jews. It so disturbed them that they suppressed the report until they found a way to mendaciously blame it all on white Neonazis, and exonerate the Muslims as the primary perps. I suspect that besides the Muslims themselves their example encourages others (like the Neonazis, but also leftists) to come out and join in the attacks. The Neonazis are bad enough without making them think that if Muslims can get away with antisemitic violence there is no reason why they cannot do so too.

    With the Left adopting “anti-Zionist” stands antisemitism is becoming fashionable again among the bien pensants. I think antisemitism and anti-Americanism are becoming, or have become, two sides of the same coin, with common excuses and common tropes for the hatred (eg being too materialist and too religious at the same time). I believe we shall stand or fall together.

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