Dhimmitude on display

Iranian Jews are the finest example of how Jews were treated in Muslim nations during the good old days of the Caliphate.


Besides their support, Mutai stressed that “ever since the revolution, the Jewish community has tried very hard not to publicly intervene in election propaganda and to keep clear of the political establishment, since the race between the four candidates has entered a circle of actual physical violence and street fights between supporters of Ahmadinejad and Mousavi. They do not participate in support rallies and certainly do not organize any.”

Professor David Menashri, Director of Tel Aviv University’s Center for Iranian Studies said he also believed that the Jewish votes in Iran are reserved for Ahmadinejad. “The Jews in Iran usually follow the ruling stream in everything to do with internal political power struggles and keep a low profile. They will stay quiet and immediately support whoever wins,” he said.

How can that be? I thought that Jews are cherished and protected under the Iranians—it’s only the Zionists that are despised, is it not?

Not. And this is why:

“The votes are allegedly secret, but in hindsight are not so secret. So the Jews plan to ensure they are on the winning side. In any case, they have no problem supporting whoever is elected,” Ezri said.

They have to support whoever is elected. The Jews of Iran are an endangered species, just as the Jews of the Arab world are pretty much gone from those nations. Yemen is currently the best examples of how Muslims treat The People of the Book. For more examples of that, go look for Christians in Saudi Arabia. You won’t find any publicly practicing their religion, because that’s illegal. Filipinos are regularly arrested for holding private worship services in their homes. Obama has an interesting take on this lack of tolerance.

And throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.

Yes, the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality exist, but not so much under Islam.

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2 Responses to Dhimmitude on display

  1. Iran is now very similar to the way it was in the days of Mordechai and Esther. Except that the king (whichever mullah is in charge) does not intend to marry someone who might be analogous to Esther and would not attempt to save her if he did. The president of Iran is like the Vizier of the old empire (Haman) and not the king (Achashveiros). The Jews know this and that any salvation would have to be like Egypt of the Exodus rather than Persia of Purim.

  2. The last chance Iran had to be reasonable free (relative to the region of course) was when the Shah was in charge. Jimmy Carter made certain to put an end to that government, directly paving the way (and posting signs visible from orbit) for the past 29 years of radical Muslim theocracy ruling the place.

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