Shimon Peres at Davos

Charles posted about this video of the Davos panel where Shimon Peres confronted the Turkish Prime Minister on why Israel went into Gaza. Peres comes in at about 39:30, but it’s well worth starting around the half hour mark or earlier to listen to the lies of Amr Moussa and the propaganda of Erdogan.

Peres speaks from the heart, and from experience. He tried to negotiate peace with the Palestinians decades ago and was reviled for it. Now, he defends his nation against the trumped-up charges of the world that ignores the thousands of rockets. Listen carefully to Peres’ stats: He points out that over a thousand Israelis have been killed by terror in the last eight years, a story that the world ignores when they play up recent Palestinian casualties and play down recent Israeli deaths—because the security fence stopped Hamas’ ability to blow up Israelis in restaurants, buses, and shopping centers.

Extra points for Peres for quoting the Hamas charter. I highly recommend you take the time to watch, and learn.

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  1. Tony says:

    Erdogan repeatedly asked for “just one minute” to respond to Peres – even though it was clear that the session had made no provision for right of reply. His request was reluctantly agreed to by the moderator. Erdogan then well exceeded his minute and was asked by the moderator to finish.

    Erdogan spat the dummy and stalked off. His petulant action exposed him as a biased and unrealiable mediator in any Middle East peace process, in thrall to Moussa’s League of Arab States clique. This latest incident is a signal of his underlying radical Islamist sympathies – to Israel, to NATO, to the people of Turkey and to the European Union that Turkey wants to be a part of.

    As for any later complaints about allocation of time, Erdogan and Moussa and, to a large extent, Ban had three chances to bash Israel. Thus, the anti-Israel polemic took up over half the total time allowed.

    Note Moussa’s body language during Peres’ response (couldn’t keep any further away from Peres in his chair) and how he rushed off the stage immediately afterwards.

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