Taking the fight to Hamas: It’s working

Israel scored another major hit today. The IDF isn’t just cutting off the creature’s tentacles—it’s also cutting off some heads.

Senior terror commander killed: The IDF killed Amir Mansi, who was the commander of Hamas rocket cells operating in the Gaza City area.

The army said Mansi played a major role in Grad rocket attacks on Israeli communities

Mansi was killed in an aerial assault while attempting to fire mortar shells at IDF ground forces. Two other Hamas members were hurt in the strike; their condition is unknown at this time.

Hamas is getting what they wanted. They asked the IDF to come into Gaza. They asked the soldiers to fight on their turf. The IDF is on their turf. And the IDF is taking out terrorist after terrorist. Yes, Hamas is claiming an army of 15,000 fighters. But only a fraction of that army has what it takes to plan and execute the attacks against Israel. Cut off an animal’s leg, and it can still do a lot of damage. Cut off its head, and it’s dead.

Hamas is dying.

The IDF commander said the fact that Mansi was personally involved in attacking Israeli troops showed that the Hamas military wing was in a serious state of distress, as senior Hamas operatives would not ordinarily venture out into battlefields.

The IDF officer also said that entire companies of Hamas had been completely wiped out, and some Hamas fighters had gone AWOL or fled battlefields.

“They are afraid to come out and fight, that’s why Mansi went out to fire rockets on his own,” the officer said.

Meantime, PIJ is displaying Israeli garbage as spoils of war.

A statement published by Islamic Jihad’s military wing said group members were able to seize a LAW rocket, two-way radios, medicine, and clothes. Photos published by the group also feature empty packages of Israeli hotdogs left behind by IDF troops.

Okay, the radios and the rocket I understand. But hot dog wrappers? Geez.

Israel must be winning, because Hezbullah just came out with another “Don’t you dare step over this line” statement to the IDF.

Uh-huh. Between that, and the 70,000 Iranian suicide bombers, Israel better watch out. Because it’s not like they’re waging a successful war against Hamas or anything.

Oh. Wait.

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  1. Vaultenblogger says:

    Boom. Another one bites the dust!

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