Hamas targets schools, world is blind, deaf, and dumb on topic

First, I researched the grad rocket. It is accurate. It can be targeted.

Then, I checked on Google maps to see how easy it is to map out a school in Israel. Satellite view. No problem.

Then I checked reports of how many kindergartens and schools have been hit by grad rockets.


Earlier Thursday, a Grad rocket hit a school in Ashkelon. The rocket exploded at the school’s gym, which stood empty at the time of the attack. The building sustained damages but no one was injured.


Rocket fire continues: A Grad rocket hit an empty kindergarten in the port city of Ashdod on Monday afternoon. An air raid siren sounded in Ashdod and Ashkelon at around 3:20 pm. Several people suffered shock, but there were no injuries. The place was heavily damaged.


Beersheba joined the list of rocket-stricken communities Tuesday evening as an air raid siren sounded across the southern city, followed by several explosions. A Grad missile landed in an empty kindergarten in the city, causing damage. Thirty-four people were treated for shock at the Soroka Medical Center in Beersheba.

Four. (March 2008)

Another rocket landed near a kindergarten in the city, where dozens of children were beginning their day.

As the nursery teachers wiped their tears, they told Ynet that the Color Red alert system was not heard in the kindergarten

Five. (February 2008)

On Thursday a total of 10 rockets hit the beachside city of Ashkelon leaving growing anxiety in their wake. Two long-range Grad rockets fired from the northern Strip hit the city that was previously considered out-of-range of the rockets. One of the rockets landed near a school in the center of town. A 17-year-old girl suffered light shrapnel wounds in the latest attack and several other people suffered from anxiety.

I’m sure there are more. That’s a cursory first check.

Hamas deliberately targets Israeli schools. Palestinian terrorists deliberately time their attacks for when children are walking to or from school. There has never been an outcry from any organization that normal protests human rights violations. There have been no accusations of war crimes by Hamas. There has been, in fact, utter silence from the usual suspects. Israel schools are being targeted, and yet, that gets shrugged off by everyone but Israelis.

Compare that to the world outcry of the UN school in Jabalya that got hit after terrorists used it as cover to fire mortars at IDF troops.

No, the world ignores Palestinian war crimes on a regular basis, and denies that they occur, or excuses them as the result of “occupation.” Or in revenge for Israel bombing Palestinian smuggling tunnels.

What time is it, kiddies? That’s right. It’s Israeli Double Standard Time, which only occurs on days that end with a “y.”

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2 Responses to Hamas targets schools, world is blind, deaf, and dumb on topic

  1. Michael Lonie says:

    Arabs love to kill Jewish children, and have for decades. It is their way of saying to Israel’s Jews “You have no future here.”

    Remember those two brave heroes of the jihad who stopped a car driven by an unarmed, pregnant Jewish woman with her four daughters in the car with her? They shot each child and the mother, then put another bullet in her belly for the baby. All of you people who sympathize with the Palestinian Arabs, behold your heroes!

  2. cliff was from montreal says:


    I couldn’t agree more. I blame the arabs/muslims for teaching me about hate.It’s the one thing they have always excelled at. Pitiful small people they are.

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