The War on Gaza Update #9

I just published my newest round up of news and information about The War on Gaza Update #9. Before you click over a couple of thoughts to share with you.

Sometimes the world is a funny place in that way that makes you throw your head back and laugh with reckless abandon. And sometimes it is the kind of funny that makes you wonder if somehow you are living inside a piece of Salvador Dali’s artwork.

It is well and good to moan the loss of life and suggest that goodwill be spread to all mankind. It is a noble sentiment but it is not one that is shared by all people. One of the fundamental flaws of some people is the belief that kindness will always generate a similar response. Because the reality is that this is not true. Sometimes treating people the way that you wish to be treated means that you are going to take a boot in the ass and a poke in the eye.

I teach my children to be nice, kind and respectful of others because it is the right thing to do. I also teach them to be aware of when that sort of behavior is not received well. Because good, bad or indifferent there will come a time when others will try to take advantage of them.

And right now a terrorist organization of thugs and slugs is taking advantage of the good will and kindness of many people. Far too many people look at Hamas and praise them for the charitable work they do for their people. That is great. Yet it ignores the reality that they also exploit them.

They exploit them by hiding in hospitals and mosques. They exploit them by intentionally placing them in dangerous situations. They hope that there are civilian casualties so that they can play upon world sympathy. And that is simply wrong.

But the ideology that allows them to intentionally send the innocent into harm’s way is one that we cannot accept as being equal to others. We cannot provide a free pass. We cannot celebrate shared values and coo over how interesting their culture is. Because it celebrates death and that is just not equal to cultures that celebrate life.

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2 Responses to The War on Gaza Update #9

  1. Steven says:

    I am fed up of this tired mantra that the Palestinians are being exploited by their leaders.

    I used to think that you could seperate the Palestinians from the terrorist organisations. It is a hopeful belief, because if it were only possible to seperate the terrorists from the poor suffering innocent civilians; if one were to hypothetically eliminate the universally bad terrorists it would be the end of the conflict.

    This is not true, and it took many Palestinians telling me this during “dialogue”.

    To suggest that Palestinians are under the wrath of Hamas you insulting everyone’s intelligence and fighting the facts for the sake of blind hope.

    Hamas is the elected representative of the Palestinians, and they are run by Palestinians. The Palestinians are not stupid and they are not powerless to disable Hamas. Hamas and the Palestinians are one of the same.


    “[Hamas] hopes that there are civilian casualties so that they can play upon world sympathy.”

    And the Palestinians hope that they are martyred for the Palestinian cause.

    The rules of war have changed. The separation between civilians and combatants has become blurred when it comes to terrorist populations, critically infested with indoctrinated Jew hatred.

    You state:
    “But the ideology that allows [Hamas] to intentionally send the innocent into harm’s way is one that we cannot accept as being equal to others.”

    However, it is the Palestinian people who choose to put themselves in harms way time and time again – choosing even to blow themselves up in the hope of taking a few Jews with them. The Palestinians celebrate death, and we can not provide a “free pass” to the ‘innocent Palestinians’ either.S

  2. Steven says:

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